What are the Preparation items before bringing home your new pup?

Nutri-Cal – a vitamin paste – (at a Pet Store) Buy the tube that says for DOG.  Use in stressful situations for a…

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When it comes to treats.

Who’s Training Who…When it comes to treats.

This is what I have learned about giving treats to my pups.

While breeding, raising, training and developing positive habits for these Shih Tzu angels… I have seen there is a definite difference of reactions with edible treats versus the treat of praise and happy talk. The treats I give my angels are my “happy voice”, with my arms around them, and taking care of their obvious daily needs. A beautiful, emotional, good feeling that will make a lasting imprint on your pups mental and emotional health, while not compromising those internal organs.

That is one very prominent learning experience I’ve discovered, which is really a no brainer and yet surprising at the same time.

Marketing has got ya!  All those pretty packages have lured you into thinking your pup will benefit from them.  I’m not saying there aren’t some good ones out there on the market, but it’s a small percentage that are beneficial to your pets health.  So when YOU have the NEED to offer a treat to your pup… deliver the treat to the pup with this phrase:
“Here puppy, come get your liver failure, I’ve got some pancreatic problems for you too… want some kidney failure… I’ve got some for you!”

Well, Hello!  This breeder is giving you a wake up call!  Step back and give it some thought.  That treat lasted two seconds with no emotional well-being achieved for the pup AT ALL!

Try my way… turn on your happy, playful voice and watch the reaction your pup gives you. This only needs to be for a few moments and, given daily, several times a day, your pups health will be greater.  Just watch and learn.  It’ll take a while to train yourself, but you can do it…your pup will let you know how much this treat is appreciated!  Pretty soon your pup will have you trained with what kind of treat they like the most!

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