When the Puppie teeth come in

Puppie teeth sometimes come in at about five months of age.

Your new puppy not eating?
Some, not all…but definitely more often than not, ShihTzu Puppies don’t get a full set of front teeth till they are five months old…especially Shih Tzu that are on the smaller side.

I’ve often gotten that call that my pup has lost interest in his food. Don’t blame the food! The poor babies gums are probably feeling bruised gums from trying to crunch those kernels.

Moisten the dry kernels with hot tap water and stir into the dry kernels till you have a tiny bit of “gravy” going on then let it sit till the kernel seems spongy.

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Did you really know Shih Tzu come in a wide array of Hair colors n Nose colors?

Did you really know Shih Tzu come in a wide array of Hair colors n Nose colors? 

Some fade and some stay true to their birth coats. 

Some Shih Tzu are born with pink noses.

The color gradually changes into several colors of the liver shade and or black according to the color genes of the pup. 


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ShihTzu Skin Irritations n Hot Spots n Sebaceous Cyst.

Irritations Thru-out my years of being in the breeding and raising of Shih Tzu puppies, I’ve come across quite a…

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Is it possible to see the puppy before purchasing?

Your visit is most welcome!

I start showing PUPPIES at 8 WEEKS OF AGE…
Never Younger.


When they are 8 weeks old and I have taken them to the veterinarian for their first shot then we can arrange a meeting for you to view the pups.
I would enjoy meeting you and lets talk all about the puppies new beginning with you.
I have rented a little shop set up for viewing the puppies.

Come and enjoy an afternoon! Call FIRST!

Ace Of Pups…352 270 4585

CALL FOR DETAILS –     Appointments only in the afternoon.     Mornings are reserved for PUPPY CARE      Call Jannie at  352-270-4585.

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Donna and Terry are giving Jam a new home in Gainesville Florida.

Donna and Terry are giving Jam a new home in Gainesville Florida.
Donna picked Jam from the website and then again from a group upon seeing her at play.
Jam is a Sky and Indiana Razz girl.

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Royal has a new home in Summerfield, Florida.

Royal has a new home in Summerfield, Florida.
Kay has given Royal a new name too. She is now known as Zoey.
Royal is a Winner and Scoop daughter.
From: “Kay Ruzicka”
Date: August 21,
Subject: Re: Jam and Royal

Good morning! I was somewhat worried last night as Zoey just wanted to sleep from the time I drove home with her until 11:00 last night. She wouldn’t eat, drink or potty – at all. I kept giving her water off my finger because I know how important it is. Finally at 11:00 last night she ate some, drank and piddled. Whew!! She slept all night in her crate with just one tiny whimper about 4:00 this morning. I got up, put her on the pee pad and she piddled. Then she ate and drank a lot. I took her in bed with me and she snuggled right in and went to sleep until 7:30. She was sure playful when she got up. Ate, drank and pottied again. She is soooooooooooooooooo sweet. I love her to pieces!!!! Thank you for having such great puppies!! I will e-mail again in a few days! Kay

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Sugar will be living in Jacksonville Florida with Cheryl and family.

Sugar will be living in Jacksonville,Florida with Cheryl and family.
Sugar will have 2 other pups as playmates too.
Cheryl found Sugar on the Ace of a Pups website and then seeing was believing.
Looks like Sugar found a happy home.

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