Question – what can i give my shihtzu for catarrh?

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What can I give my Shih Tzu for catarrh…also known as Kennel Cough?

This is one of those predicaments that is so closely related to our common cold.
You can give the pup medication….BUT…just like for us, it’ll only mask the symptoms.

Our basic common colds have to run the course of 7 to 21 days and so does the kennel cough.
You should not try to care for this problem by yourself, the pup definitely needs the antibiotic.

So, with knowing that, your veterinarian will prescribe Clavamox as an antibiotic to give daily for 2 weeks minimum.

You can get the liquid or the pills. I personally prefer the pills. I just stick it in the center of a piece of their canned beef chunks.

I’ll buy those cans when I know it’s pill time for someone.
Canned food is not an every day staple as I prefer the dry kernels as their food .
But it’s good to have some handy when the time arises to pop them a pill.
The shelf like of the liquid Clavamox is only 10 days refrigerated.

Kennel Cough is a common problem which is easily cared for. Although it certainly makes your pup miserable and is scary to see your pup experience this, it rarely kills. They will cough as if gagging on a dry cotton ball. Take your pet to the Vet ASAP! If you can’t make it to the Vet, over the counter cough suppressants can soothe your pets throat till you get a chance.

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Question: What causes my pup to make gagging noises?

As an ongoing commitment to you, we are spontaneously posting new question content to educate our loyal AceOfPups customers.


What causes my pup to make gagging noises?

Well, the first thought that comes to mind is Kennel Cough. Kennel Cough is like our common cold…
it could get worse,or it may clear up without any complications….
BUT, just like our common cold, it has to take it’s course which is between 10 and 21 days.
So please take your pet to the veterinarian and let them prescribe an antibiotic, usually Clavamox.
The second thing that comes to mind is gagging on their food and or the stuffing out of a toy….
so many guesses….so of course I’ll make the suggestion to take your pup to a veterinarian.

Really, you want to be observant of your pups actions and play time, in order to help you with those
nagging thoughts of “now what’ll I do”.
Getting to know your veterinarian will be easier on the wallet if you can simply make the call and
ask questions and ask what remedies are available for the situation your pup may be experiencing.

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Majors Symptoms. Anaplasmosis from Deer Tick infects ShihTzu.

Major was not eating quite right, picky even in the late afternoon. He is 4 1/2 years old now. It was also almost time for his wellness check and shot update. So I took him in to my Vet now anyhow.

When the Vet looked and checked him over there wasn’t anything wrong until the blood test came in, it showed Anaplasmosis was in his blood test, the blood was sent to a larger lab.

I’d never heard of this type of infection from a deer tick before. I was quite amazed! Knowledge Is Power!

The lab report showed it was not active. This was Wednesday.… On Saturday Major had diarrhea , Sunday & Monday and vomiting 2 times.

We started him on medication right away. He has responded to it right away. This is Friday and Major shows no sign of anything now.The meds for Anaplasmosis are, cerenia 16 mg_____endosorb tab,_____metronidazole 250 mg_____proviable cap._____and bland can food.

One thing odd is I have not seen a tick this year, none on him. Major’s lime vaccine was right and his FrontLine Plus was up to date, so the tick must have bit and dropped off.

Right now he is a happy little love; in need of three more med times and a bath from chasing chippes.

Love Sarah

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