Question. do i need to walk my shih poo every day?

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My Shih Tzu shakes her head and scratches her ears. What is this?


Mites are those annoying parasites that look for ear canals to make their nests. Seriously!
It happens. Relax there’s a remedy! Most often, it is not your fault nor is it a reflection on your cleanliness!

Over the counter mite meds don’t work for me. However, the ear cleansers and ear powder, found in pet stores, do help
to keep the ears clean enough to ward off the mites. Read the directions and you’ll be happily surprised at how infrequent
those mites come to visit your pups ears.

When there is excessive hair in the ear canal get it plucked out. That is an invitation to Mites.

If and when they do, my veterinarian prescribes Treserderm with an antibiotic additive. Please ask your vet about its use.

Not the Shih Poo or the Shih Tzu require walking.

They are created as house pets and the play they get within your home is sufficient exercise.

They are not work dogs or exercise mates. The Shih Poo and the Shih Tzu are terrific lap dogs and the ever sweet companion following your feet around the house.

The tiny ShihTzu overheat easily, the larger ShihTzu are better for short walks. Outside temperatures and humidity make a HUGE DIFFERENCE with ShihTzu.

How long to walk your ShihTzu? Only the individual ShihTzu can answer that, Just please keep an eye out for symptoms of enough already!

Also is yours Double Coated or Single Coated, each will react differently. Then too there is SIZE, is there belly 6″ or 16″ above the heated or frozen ground .

Carry water for your pup to drink. Pick them up and carry them ay the slightest symptom of overheating, or getting cold in the winter.

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