Question on Why is my shih tzu always itchy?

Itching and Scratching…..What’s That All About?

You’ve checked for the obvious such as fleas or a rash and found nothing. Right?
Ok, let’s look at some hidden scenarios….dry skin, dandruff, allergies.
Sorry, I can’t diagnose those allergies, that’s for the veterinarian to determine…and they have remedies!!! …Really!

The dry skin and the dandruff truly can be erased with Nutro Ultra Puppy dry dog food!!

I learned that by experience. The coat glistens after 2 weeks on this dog food and there is no more dandruff and no more dry skin and
guess what else….No More Scratching!! The Omega Oils in Nutro Ultra Puppy are the ingredients that make the skin and coat so healthy!

Shall I use that phrase, try it, you’ll like it?

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Six Questions Asked and Answered on this week.

1.  what can i use on my Shih Tzu,, hair its dry?
A natural variety of dog food…the best you can afford, get a recommendation from your local vet.
If the hair is dry, then the pup is missing something from their diet.
Use a quality Shampoo and Mat Detangler. (Dianne suggest the Chris Christensen systems such as Ice On Ice.)

2.  7 week old shih tzu puppies has runny nose?
3.  shih poo separation anxiety?
4.  what should i do if a shih tzu dog has blood in her stool?
5.  Can Shih Tzu have Allegories?
6.  how do i groom my shih tzu

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