Question on Why is my shih tzu always itchy?

Itching and Scratching…..What’s That All About?

You’ve checked for the obvious such as fleas or a rash and found nothing. Right?
Ok, let’s look at some hidden scenarios….dry skin, dandruff, allergies.
Sorry, I can’t diagnose those allergies, that’s for the veterinarian to determine…and they have remedies!!! …Really!

The dry skin and the dandruff truly can be erased with Nutro Ultra Puppy dry dog food!!

I learned that by experience. The coat glistens after 2 weeks on this dog food and there is no more dandruff and no more dry skin and
guess what else….No More Scratching!! The Omega Oils in Nutro Ultra Puppy are the ingredients that make the skin and coat so healthy!

Shall I use that phrase, try it, you’ll like it?

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    Proper Training can make any breed more docile.  All ShihTzu are docile when raised proper and gentle.


    While I do highly recommend you visit your veterinarian for most ailments,
    studying your pup will help you get to know their nuances and you can probably handle a lot of their minor ailments yourself.
    You will gain more experience by listening to your vet as he explains remedies during your regular visits.

    Share Your Smile With Any One,


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