Question. do i need to walk my shih poo every day?

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My Shih Tzu shakes her head and scratches her ears. What is this?


Mites are those annoying parasites that look for ear canals to make their nests. Seriously!
It happens. Relax there’s a remedy! Most often, it is not your fault nor is it a reflection on your cleanliness!

Over the counter mite meds don’t work for me. However, the ear cleansers and ear powder, found in pet stores, do help
to keep the ears clean enough to ward off the mites. Read the directions and you’ll be happily surprised at how infrequent
those mites come to visit your pups ears.

When there is excessive hair in the ear canal get it plucked out. That is an invitation to Mites.

If and when they do, my veterinarian prescribes Treserderm with an antibiotic additive. Please ask your vet about its use.

Not the Shih Poo or the Shih Tzu require walking.

They are created as house pets and the play they get within your home is sufficient exercise.

They are not work dogs or exercise mates. The Shih Poo and the Shih Tzu are terrific lap dogs and the ever sweet companion following your feet around the house.

The tiny ShihTzu overheat easily, the larger ShihTzu are better for short walks. Outside temperatures and humidity make a HUGE DIFFERENCE with ShihTzu.

How long to walk your ShihTzu? Only the individual ShihTzu can answer that, Just please keep an eye out for symptoms of enough already!

Also is yours Double Coated or Single Coated, each will react differently. Then too there is SIZE, is there belly 6″ or 16″ above the heated or frozen ground .

Carry water for your pup to drink. Pick them up and carry them ay the slightest symptom of overheating, or getting cold in the winter.

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I can’t get sleep with my new Shih Tzu pup in bed with me, how do I make the puppie go to sleep?

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i cant get sleep with my new Shih Tzu pup in bed with me, how do i make the puppie go to sleep?

Sleeping with your Shih Tzu

There are so so many positions the Shih Tzu prefers once in bed with their owners…just like us they toss and turn frequently.

Getting them to “respect” your space requires a firm no nonsense voice and they will “get it”.

Mine get to alternate who sleeps with me, so I get to see what works with one might not work with the other.

Some require turning away from them and they seem to understand mama is not going to pet or play right now and then go and find their space and sleep thru the night. Others I have to say NO, now go lay down! They don’t like mama’s firm voice and do just that…lay down.

Shih Tzu will grab any moment they can to want to pounce all over you….unless you call the shots.

So do yourself a favor and show them your ALPHA side. They’ll still love you in the morning!

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Tell me about your ShihTzu! and your pets.

Tell me about your ShihTzu!
I cannot even imagine not having a pet. How do you clean up the crumbs on your carpet?
Who eats your centipedes?
What do you use all your paper towels and lint brushes for?
Who makes you feel better when you’re sad or sick?

Spouses are fine, but cats are furry, and ShihTzu just want to be loved and petted!!

So that’s the direction we’re headed in today. Furry spouses. No. I mean ShihTzu pets. I wanna talk ShihTzu. Simply out of curiosity.
I want to know if you have a pet or not and if you do, I want to know what kind of pet you have.
Not that I’m looking for inspiration. I have enough pets. I do not need another pet. This house is too small and my energy too low. NO MORE PETS. ……But let me tell you about the Bell’s ShihTzu family.

Codie is 5 1/2 years old now, (in the back), in front Mini-3 years, Drummer-4 years, Tramp- 5 1/2 years, Our ShihTz family!

Codie is 5 1/2 years old now, (in the back), in front Mini-3 years, Drummer-4 years, Tramp- 5 1/2 years, Our ShihTzu family!

Cody is the largest of our four ShihTzu puppies.  She has a dense double coat which we keep cut fairly short and loves running an jumping in the snow… and just running anywhere!  She has a lovable disposition (like most ShihTzu) and loves to have you lay on the ground and play with her and her toys.  In the evening Codie brings us her favorite toy for this day and starts the play games. Soon the others join in. She is the leader of the pack, although sometimes Drummer thinks he is and they have to sort it out.  She has a very noble appearance with her slight underbite and holds her head high.

Tramp is Codie’s brother and about half her size.  He seems to be the serious one of the pack.  Tramp has a double coat like his sister and it is also kept short. Tramp likes to sit like a stuffed teddy bear and looks like one when he sits that way. He doesn’t like to play in the snow as much as Cody, he walks in her foot prints and hates to get his feet wet.  Walking on dew covered grass is definitely something to avoid!  Eating Hosta’s is becoming one of his traits we are trying to squelch in the bud, but Drummer taught him well and it will be a chore.

Drummer is the water boy in this pack…He was walking along the edge of our small backyard pond yesterday while some friends were here. We were all sitting around the pond, just talking and watching Drum walking on the edge and Mini drinking from her spot on one end of the water.   Then, Drum leaned over a little to far and slipped into the pond!  Boy was he surprised when he couldn’t touch the bottom, although the pond is less than a foot deep in that area!  He swam over to the Island area and stood there looking quite miffed!  He then ran back and forth trying to figure out a way off the island and back to the “mainland”. Eventually he squeezed between the FeatherStone fountain and the Maple tree and got out.  He ran right over to us, long hair dripping, and stared at us. Dad got a towel and wrapped him up. He soon fell asleep exhausted from his harrowing experience.

Drummer’s coat feels more like human hair than any ShihTzu we have petted. He is a happy go lucky boy, and runs like a stallion too.

Mini is the smallest and youngest of the group.  She has long fine hair which sweeps the ground wherever she goes… and picks up every leaf and other piece of trash that’s lying around.  Mini is a real lover and loves giving kisses.  She is also our early storm warning system.  Before we hear anything she knows the thunder is coming and thunder is her enemy!  We wrap her tightly in her “blanky” and hug her tight until the danger passes.  She repays us with big licks and by making a sound that kinda reminds you of a pig snorting… how lovable is that!  She comes to us when she is ready to take her afternoon nap on our shoulder while nuzzling our neck. Mini loves it so much. So cute as she tries to ask up to pick her up with those big sleepy eyes!

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time to for me to turn in and do a little bit of bedtime reading before the pups alert me as to a raccoon getting into the birdseed feeders again!

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