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Understanding the value of an AceOfPups Shih Tzu Puppie.

Understanding the value of an AceOfPups Shih Tzu Puppie.

The advantage of being a breeder is being totally in tune with every aspect of their life over and over, day in and day out.

I’m given the gift of watching awesome “AHA”moments happen daily. How interesting for me to behold the happenings of my angels with their little nuances and be able to enjoy their growth every day with sheer awe.

Since I love to study reactions from my pups on all stages of raising them, I also get to try different techniques on various occasions of their behavior.

Many times I have watched one group of pups do one thing and watched while another group of pups showing entirely different reactions. Yet, the different reactions have equal results.

I’m very hungry with what really is a science project, and all the lessons and understanding I’ve been able to absorb from literally living Shih Tzu!

So if I could be so bold as to ask you to believe me when I offer some of my experiences. They have taught me understanding while showing me the unique wonder of experiencing their birth and nature, first hand, day in and day out.  Please consider the time and devotion I have given to these angels… and all for the betterment of the breed and the strong desire to learn what makes them tick!

I obviously love what I do…and I’ll share more of my learning experiences at another time…right now, I have to go take care of another puppie!

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Playing first thing before breakfast! Part 2

Can I start with you?

  • Have you ever…
  • Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
  • wished for just today not to hear or speak to anyone including the mirror?
  •  just wanted a day to relax and not even move if ya didn’t have to?
  •  wished to lay in bed hours on end?
  •  wanted to just have fun all day?
  •  woke up loving everyone and every thing?
  •  had a day when you had no appetite at all…for no reason?
  •  had a day when you can’t get enough food no matter what you just ate?
  •  had a day where everyone just did what you told them to do?
  •  had a time in your life where you got to just the right weight?
  •  known someone with perfect weight?
  •  had a day when a little of all this applied to you or someone you love?

Now look at these misconceptions:

  • Don’t pick a shy one.
  • Don’t pick one that looks scared.
  • Don’t pick one that hides in the corner.
  • Don’t pick one that isn’t active.
  • Don’t pick one that doesn’t want to cuddle & lick you.
  • Don’t pick one that seems over active.
  • Don’t pick one that seems like a pack leader.
  • Don’t pick one that looks like they are always eating.
  • Don’t pick a big one.
  • Don’t pick one too small.

SEE… Most ALL puppies do have multiple personalities!
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