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nutri cal for shih tzu puppies? what is it for?

why is my shih tzu always itchy?

does nutri cal cause itching?

Nutrical is a vitamin supplement to help puppies thru those first stages of change and the added stress on their systems.
I have never, ever, ever, head of Nutrical causing itching. That is not the culprit, I assure you!

Stress and changes of any sort can cause a pups anxiety level to heighten to levels that can cause a hypoglycemic attack.
I personally believe a tube of the Nutrical for dogs, (not puppies – too runny) should be a part of your puppie medicine cabinet supplies.

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Question sent in – what to do when ur shihpoo has balls of fur under his stomach?

what to do when your shih poo has balls of fur under his stomach?

Those furry balls are called “matting” on a Shih Poo or a Shih Tzu.
I prefer to keep the belly shaved. (Or short about 1/4′) All done… furry matting eliminated!
So much nicer for the lil pup so they don’t have to be irritated by the mat anymore.
That goes for under the arm pits and between the crotch too.

“For more information on this topic, check out this and this article,”

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ShihTzu questions answered by Jannie on

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  5. are girl shih tzu’s more docile?…

    Proper Training can make any breed more docile.  All ShihTzu are docile when raised proper and gentle.


    While I do highly recommend you visit your veterinarian for most ailments,
    studying your pup will help you get to know their nuances and you can probably handle a lot of their minor ailments yourself.
    You will gain more experience by listening to your vet as he explains remedies during your regular visits.

    Share Your Smile With Any One,


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