Aruba’s new name is Wicket…star war fans.

Aruba has a new home in Naples Florida with the Fraine family!
And a new name too! Her new name is Wicket…star war fans.
Linda picked her out from the website and it was love at first sight too!

Aruba is a Rainbow and Maverick girl.
Want more Photos?…Click on a Photo!

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Question – what can i give my shihtzu for catarrh?

As an ongoing commitment to you, we are spontaneously posting new question content to educate our loyal AceOfPups customers.


What can I give my Shih Tzu for catarrh…also known as Kennel Cough?

This is one of those predicaments that is so closely related to our common cold.
You can give the pup medication….BUT…just like for us, it’ll only mask the symptoms.

Our basic common colds have to run the course of 7 to 21 days and so does the kennel cough.
You should not try to care for this problem by yourself, the pup definitely needs the antibiotic.

So, with knowing that, your veterinarian will prescribe Clavamox as an antibiotic to give daily for 2 weeks minimum.

You can get the liquid or the pills. I personally prefer the pills. I just stick it in the center of a piece of their canned beef chunks.

I’ll buy those cans when I know it’s pill time for someone.
Canned food is not an every day staple as I prefer the dry kernels as their food .
But it’s good to have some handy when the time arises to pop them a pill.
The shelf like of the liquid Clavamox is only 10 days refrigerated.

Kennel Cough is a common problem which is easily cared for. Although it certainly makes your pup miserable and is scary to see your pup experience this, it rarely kills. They will cough as if gagging on a dry cotton ball. Take your pet to the Vet ASAP! If you can’t make it to the Vet, over the counter cough suppressants can soothe your pets throat till you get a chance.

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Nutricial Questions on Ace Of Pups.

nutri cal for shih tzu puppies? what is it for?

why is my shih tzu always itchy?

does nutri cal cause itching?

Nutrical is a vitamin supplement to help puppies thru those first stages of change and the added stress on their systems.
I have never, ever, ever, head of Nutrical causing itching. That is not the culprit, I assure you!

Stress and changes of any sort can cause a pups anxiety level to heighten to levels that can cause a hypoglycemic attack.
I personally believe a tube of the Nutrical for dogs, (not puppies – too runny) should be a part of your puppie medicine cabinet supplies.

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Question on Why is my shih tzu always itchy?

Itching and Scratching…..What’s That All About?

You’ve checked for the obvious such as fleas or a rash and found nothing. Right?
Ok, let’s look at some hidden scenarios….dry skin, dandruff, allergies.
Sorry, I can’t diagnose those allergies, that’s for the veterinarian to determine…and they have remedies!!! …Really!

The dry skin and the dandruff truly can be erased with Nutro Ultra Puppy dry dog food!!

I learned that by experience. The coat glistens after 2 weeks on this dog food and there is no more dandruff and no more dry skin and
guess what else….No More Scratching!! The Omega Oils in Nutro Ultra Puppy are the ingredients that make the skin and coat so healthy!

Shall I use that phrase, try it, you’ll like it?

Also see this article.

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Question .ShihTzu mite treatment? Also what causes mites?

Question.ShihTzu mite treatment? Also what causes mites?

As an ongoing commitment to you, we are spontaneously
posting new question content to educate our loyal AceOfPups customers.


My Shih Tzu shakes her head and scratches her ears. What is this?


Mites are those annoying parasites that look for ear canals to make their nests. Seriously! It happens. Relax there’s a remedy!

Most often, it is not your fault nor is it a reflection on your cleanliness!

Over the counter earmite meds can help.
Walmart sells a three tube package that kills on contact. Give it a try.
Also, the ear cleansers and ear powder, found in pet stores, do help to
keep the ears clean enough to ward off the mites.

Read the directions and you’ll be happily surprised at how infrequent
those mites come to visit your pups ears.

When there is excessive hair in the ear canal get it plucked out. That is an invitation to Mites.

If the above does not work for you please see your vet. My veterinarian prescribes Treserderm with an antibiotic additive. Please ask your vet about its use.

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I can’t get sleep with my new Shih Tzu pup in bed with me, how do I make the puppie go to sleep?

As an ongoing commitment to you, we are spontaneously posting new question content to educate our loyal AceOfPups customers.


i cant get sleep with my new Shih Tzu pup in bed with me, how do i make the puppie go to sleep?

Sleeping with your Shih Tzu

There are so so many positions the Shih Tzu prefers once in bed with their owners…just like us they toss and turn frequently.

Getting them to “respect” your space requires a firm no nonsense voice and they will “get it”.

Mine get to alternate who sleeps with me, so I get to see what works with one might not work with the other.

Some require turning away from them and they seem to understand mama is not going to pet or play right now and then go and find their space and sleep thru the night. Others I have to say NO, now go lay down! They don’t like mama’s firm voice and do just that…lay down.

Shih Tzu will grab any moment they can to want to pounce all over you….unless you call the shots.

So do yourself a favor and show them your ALPHA side. They’ll still love you in the morning!

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