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Concepts and Essays by Jannie


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How good does your pups poop look?

I didn’t create this question mark.
One of my pups did. It’s not often I get such a special “treat” from my pups….but
in the past I have gotten the smiley face and also a perfect heart shape from my pups.
Too unique not to share with you. After all humor has many ways of happening unexpectedly.

However, you may wonder why I even bother to look at my pups poop.
So let me advise you here…please, always look at your pups poop.
Not to see if there’s a strange shape to it…rather to see consistency,
whether loose or firm, or signs if stress or worms exist.
You’ll be glad you did so you can catch any problems early and treat as soon as any sign occurs.

As a breeder I am always on the look out for bacteria showing up.
And once in awhile my pups offer me a weird moment with a poop shape
that is unexplainable as to how that could be.……Smile!

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