Hi everyone! Here is a typical Sunday Morning in my home.

Hi everyone! Here is a typical Sunday Morning in my home.

Whenever I have the baby pups stay longer than 8 weeks they get to experience another graduation.
They’ve graduated to playing together with mama’s and other pups within my living room, family room areas.

So I thought I’d share a few photos of my Shih Tzu with you and the fun these pups are having with their new found freedom.
I love how, as I walk from room to room, they begin following me. Such a blessing!
Mama’s are enjoying their babies in a more playful way too.

I get asked all the time, “how do you do this with so many pups”? My answer is always the same, “obviously, with a lot of love and passion for these angels. And then this question: “But don’t you hate cleaning up all that yuk:? And I reply, “I don’t care how many times I have to pick up poop or pee”! God has given me the gift of their company for the short while before they are sold!
And they are the best form of exercise I ever want to attempt!

Life is good at ACE of PUPS!

Give someone your smile today,

Jannie, www.aceofpups.net

(Click Photo for larger photos and my Shih Tzu Personality Slideshow)

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Mini, Drummer, Cody and Tramp are coming for a visit!

Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited, my sister and her husband have arrived from Wisconsin to stay with me and help out for a couple months!

Dianne and Denny have four of my pups! Mini, Drummer, Cody and Tramp!

You can benefit from their visit as well!

Dianne does the portraits that are posted on my site in the showcase. She can be commissioned for your puppie portrait also. Just call me and we can set it up for you. Charges are on a puppie by puppie basis and Dianne will go over details with you.

My brother-in-law Denny is a wood carver. He may also be commissioned to do a carving of your puppie in a scene, etc. He too, will go over details with you.

Links to their websites are shown below.

Cedar Stump Carving: www.cedarstump.us

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