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Here is a way of “guesstimating” the mature weight of your puppie.
Yes, “Guess-timate”

Method 1
8 week old puppy: weight X 3 = approximate adult weight
10 week old puppy: weight X 2 + 1 = approximate adult weight
12 week old puppy: weight X 2 = approximate adult weight
Method 2
8 week old GIRL weight x 3.8 and 4.2 = approximate adult weight
8 week old BOY weight x 4.2 and 4.8 = approximate adult weight
The weight of our puppies can vary within the same litter. Although some people are looking for a specific weight or size, and they deserve to have what they are looking for,
it can never be a positive arrangement. Some puppies will be bigger or smaller.
People ask for the weight of the parents as if that were the answer to being sure they were getting small or large puppies. It isn’t.
The largest mama can have the tiniest puppies and vice versa. However, if the parents of the litter parents were also small and generations back were small the chances of getting a smaller pup is greater….but not ever considered a sure thing.

Shih Tzu under 9 lbs. are often considered an Imperial….

Standard size Shih-Tzu: 9 – 16 lbs.
Tiny-type Imperial Shih-Tzu: 7 – 9 lbs.
Itty bitty imperial Shih-Tzu: 3 – 6 lbs.

I have had many varieties of all those sizes come unexpected out of various parents.
I would have to say to you, don’t choose for size.
Rather choose with your heart and love the pup regardless the size.

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This is a typical Growth Chart to help determine the weight of your Shih Tzu puppie at maturity.
My personal feelings are it is sometimes accurate, it is sometimes way off, it is sometimes pretty darn close.
I hope that explains what I think of growth charts.

Since I have been asked so many many times about the growth chart, here it is for you “play” with during your puppies growth.