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Thinking of getting a new puppie?

I hope your decision is a Shih Tzu or a Shih-Poo.  There are misconceptions abound!

In these years I have been raising Shih Tzu and Shih-Poo’s I have gained experience on poo-pooing some of these phrases (listed below) on selecting your new pup.

To set the stage, please consider the situation you are entering. As you walk in to their environment…more than likely excited, more than likely loud, more than likely wanting to pick up the sweethearts and receive immediate devotion, more than likely expect to be licked, more than likely already judging who’s playful and whose a bump:

Let me explain, watching my angels interact for years now has shown me proof these misconceptions are way off kilter! Most ALL puppies have multiple personalities!

Let me start with you?

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed?

Have you ever wished for just today not to hear or speak to anyone including the mirror?

Have you ever just wanted a day to relax and not even move if ya didn’t have to?

Have you ever wished to lay in bed hours on end?

Have you ever wanted to just have fun all day?

Have you ever woke up loving everyone and every thing?

Have you ever had a day when you had no appetite at all…for no reason?

Have you ever had a day when you can’t get enough food no matter what you just ate?

Have you ever had a day where everyone just did what you told them to do?

Have you ever had a time in your life where you got to just the right weight?

Have you ever known someone with perfect weight?

Have you ever had a day when a little of all this applied to you or someone you love?

Now look at these misconceptions:

Don’t pick a shy one.

Don’t pick one that looks scared.

Don’t pick one that hides in the corner.

Don’t pick one that isn’t active.

Don’t pick one that doesn’t want to cuddle & lick you.

Don’t pick one that seems over active.

Don’t pick one that seems like a pack leader.

Don’t pick one that looks like they are always eating.

Don’t pick a big one.

Don’t pick one too small.

Your new best friend and companion is waiting and they come with open hearts accepting you as you are! They may “hold back” to see if you are the one…so don’t be shy, don’t look scared, don’t be afraid to socialize, don’t be afraid to cuddle & hold them and wait for the lick, and….it won’t matter if you are big or small either!

The Shih Tzu has been researched to be the Calmest of the breeds and gives devotion unlimited!!! They mostly love the lap but they would like to play too…they’ll also follow you around…just to hear your voice is a treat to them!

Come spend time with my angels and don’t pass one by because you came in when they were napping or just plain tuckered from socializing the hour before. They’ll still love you when you are cranky, tired and just want to be left alone.

Come in and meet the parents and please do come in with patience, an open mind and a willing heart.

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Shih Tzu Tips on how to help and what to expect with your puppie’s new life…

Within my first year I had experienced a wealth of information with the gathering of my “pack”. One thing is constant…Learning something new about this angelic breed is an every day happening! I’ll try to share some of my hints & tips with with you here. I’ll be adding and revising so check back often.

Your experiences are also welcome. So please take the time & share some of your suggestions so we can post them & hopefully create a smoother transition for the Shih Tzu puppies going into their new home.

To minimize stress & fear for the pup here are some useful suggestions

in offering your new Shih Tzu angel a happy yet structured environment.

I’ll start with some topics and we’ll go from there. Shih Tzu are different. They were bred to be lap dogs. They weren’t bred to run laps around the block with you during your exercise workout.

Picking up your new puppie: Stress starts for your new angel the moment you carry him/her from their known environment. Be as soft and loving as you can possibly be.

Anxiety to a Shih Tzu can be a raised voice, other pets, too fast movements, loud noises, strange places, strange people, strange surroundings, strange toys, strange food bowls, strange bedding, strangers holding him/her. Just be cognizant from a Shih Tzu point of view how much this pup is going thru.

The car ride home is a wonderful opportunity to begin bonding. Saying your puppies name softly during the trip home, holding if possible, or sweetly saying lovable sentences will calm him/her. Happy sounds coming from you will help create the beginning of trust. Your new pup is saying “gee, I think I’m going to like this person”. Trust is earned. During his/her first day your puppie is absorbing every tiny move you are making. Staying calm is important to his/her fear level.

Remember…Shih Tzu are different. They require a calm environment. Commotion creates anxiety. That bouncy throw of the ball across the floor is liable to send your pup hiding…this is a Shih Tzu, not a terrier! Most Shih Tzu, experiencing hectic circumstances, will want to hide under or behind furniture resulting in fear of joining their “new family”.

If you have other pets and or children, introduce them after the new puppie’s tour of his/her new home is completed. In nature, a meeting ritual of dogs, is butt smelling. So while cuddling your new Shih Tzu turn his butt to your other pets face and allow the sniffing ritual to happen. Then allow your new Shih Tzu the same privilege. Let this ritual have time to relax each pup.

Children usually love puppies and Shih Tzu are great for children as well.

HOWEVER, children should understand, calmness is the best gift for the well being of their new Shih Tzu. If the children are not calm, then it is best to remove the pup from that environment till after the pup has met his/her new surroundings. Children screaming & jumping is not the environment for a Shih Tzu puppie.

Your new Shih Tzu has so much to take in. Walk the pup in your arms introducing him/her to every room in your home. Do this within that first hour. Prolonging the whole home introduction merely prolongs the stress/fear level. We need to get past the many changes this puppie will have to explore. We are striving to create security and trust first and foremost.

As you walk into each room, literally tell him/her about the room, such as; this is mama’s room, this is Billy’s room, the kitchen where mama cooks, the laundry where we clean our clothes, etc. Speaking softly repeating his/her name over and over, along with lots of affection given… the bond is happening.

Show the pup their food & water dishes. When you put the water in the dish have some in a small bottle to let them watch you pour it into their bowl… being aware the pup cannot “see” the water in the dish, so watching you pour the water in, shows the pup where the water is. Always have fresh water available for your pup.

If you are beginning to consider me a bit “off the wall” here, step back and allow yourself to let my experience with nervous puppies settle you down.

I’ve studied my babies as they watch customers come in doing the ooohh’s and ahhh’s. I’ve seen their various reactions to the playful antics of children as well as adults who seem to think scraping their hands on the floor as in a chase method after the pup will be considered play to the pup. NOT! The Shih Tzu intelligence level is superb! They are absorbing and categorizing at a rapid pace!

I cannot stress calmness enough here. These are little cuddlers, again, not terriers! Play with a sweet excitement rather than a boisterous attitude.

Your Shih Tzu should be shown his/her crate at this time also. It’s best to keep them in their crate overnite especially during the first 2 weeks while housetraining is in process. They are going to cry for at least a week. Although I get many people telling me their pup didn’t cry all that long after all.

The pups have already been in their own separate crate since they were 6 weeks of age. Shih Tzu really do love their crates. It’s like a safe haven/security blanket to them. Make sure you have a few fleece pads to fit the crate. Some of the pups love to snuggle under or wrap their pads over them. Please don’t take the pad away thinking the pup doesn’t like it…the pup is just “making his (bed) den”.

You can set the pup in the crate and talk to him/her saying this is where you sleep. Then pick him/her back up and continue walking about the house. Softly talk to your Shih Tzu as you go from room to room. Hopefully your pup is relaxing by now.

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The Health and Well Being of your pup is an ongoing responsibility…

A vaccination schedule to prevent canine diseases should be discussed with your Veterinarian. Usually 4 sets of shots are given by the time the puppie is 16 weeks of age. Listed below are Florida Immunization Shots. These shots vary by whatever state you live in but are generally similar.

First set of shots: usually at 6-8 weeks of age:

Distemper-Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Bordetella/Canine Parvovirus and a Fecal Exam

Second Set of Shots: usually at 8-10 weeks of age:

Distemper-Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Bordetella/Canine Parvovirus

Third Set of shots: usually at 10-12 weeks of age:

Distemper-Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Canine Parvovirus

Fourth set of shots: usually 12-16 weeks of age:

Distemper-Hepatitus/Parainfluenza/Canine Parvovirus/Rabies

With this completed your puppie should be good for 1 year and then he/she will need a one time booster set of shots including rabies vaccination. This should be sufficient for 3 years. However, 6 or 12 month wellness checkups are highly recommended.

Monthly Heartworm and Flea treatment is an absolute must. There are various treatments available. Your Veterinarian will help you choose the method that suits you and your pup. Treatments are available that include heartworm, fleas & ticks in a monthly chewable tablet.

Keep an alert eye on your pup: Always be conscientious to your pups activity level.

Be aware of your pets health: Eyes…Clear, Waterey, Cloudy? Nose…Sniffles? Appetite….lack of appetite? Nice pink tongue? Look at their poop…solid stools, bloody, diarrhea, worms? Ears…notice shaking or scratching? Skin..sores, itching? Treatment is available for all of these conditions, ask your Veterinarian for suggestions and help.

As you groom them, trim their nails, brush their teeth and fur, clean their ears, check for fleas, etc., you will develop a bond with your animal. Through bonding you will be able to notice small signs that indicate something is not right. Discuss any irregularities with your Veterinarian.

Kennel Cough is a common problem which is easily cared for. Although it certainly makes your pup miserable and is scary to see your pup experience this, it rarely kills. They will cough as if gagging on a dry cotton ball. Take your pet to the Vet ASAP! If you can’t make it to the Vet, over the counter cough suppressants can soothe your pets throat till you get a chance.

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Separation Anxiety

When your puppy yelps or whines whenever you leave the house. This can come from a number of reasons known only to the pup.

Since we can’t read your pups mind, I’ll share a tip that has worked in a situation where a pup was brought back to me for training.

Due to the affectionate nature of a Shih Tzu, we usually love to hold these pups a whole lot more than other breeds. I love to coo & kiss on them as well, after all, they were bred to be lap dogs. The separation anxiety happens when the balance is missing. When we give these actions too often or for too long a period of time. It’s so easy to get caught up in never wanting to put them down. The Shih Tzu are lovers at heart, being a lap dog…they are true to the breed on that one.

Make time to enjoy them in other ways to avoid them becoming your shadow to the point of where they are lost without you. Allow the pup some outside time in a fenced area with you at their side. Let this time be a good 10 minutes with you walking by the pups side or sitting at a bench near their play area. Throw some toys so the pup can chase them. Our object is distraction for what you are about to do, which is creating a healthy separation from your lap. You are going to allow the pup to be a dog rather than a child. Do this a couple times the first day of trying to remedy the separation anxiety. Slowly, each time, be working yourself back to your door. Go inside as you tell your li’l pup you’ll be right back and go do something…you can’t stand at the door or the window and watch cause they still smell that you are right there. Make the time periods you do this just a little longer and longer each time. Ignore their screaming or whining and no treats! Be a pack leader, for the health and well being so your pup can have a balanced, happy life.

You can choose a place in your home where you can also slip away, without your pup being able to follow or see you or even smell you. Then come back after 15-20 minutes…again each time staying away for longer and longer periods. When you bring li’l pup back into “your” area don’t do the holding and cooing and loving acts. Simply be relaxed, hum a sweet tune, walking about your home, no eye contact, use this time to dust some shelves etc. Li’l pup needs to see you are there, not paying any attention to him/her at all. Ignore the jumping up or crying to get your attention. Cause a distraction with a different toy to help your pup simply be content to play by him/herself or sit napping while you do your thing or to do list. Natural rawhide is a must to offer your pup something to divert his anxiety.

Li’l pup needs to establish that he/she is a dog, not a human. By our own actions we have humanized them, and so they seek what it is we were doing: that constant holding & being attached to you like glue which we allowed to evolve. They need to be dogs first and foremost.

This is hard on us as well, as this is the reason we have the Shih Tzu in the first place…”to have and to hold till death do you part”. However, for the well being of the dog and to prevent the separation anxiety, we need to balance our routines.

Although lots of lap time and holding is wonderful and necessary for this breed, we must “separate” the feelings within ourselves first, allowing them to be dogs, not a human replacement or the empty nest replacement. It is extremely difficult to do this. I honestly speak from first hand experience with this one. This method works for me. Play time is necessary.

If you can have a second pup in your life, get one! It is the fairest thing to offer your li’l pup a playmate…everyone needs a friend. When you leave, the two of them will be the best comforters for each other.

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More on Patience, Care, and Compassion…

I choose NEVER to sell my puppies to pet shops, puppy mills or brokers!

During the day the pups are loved and handled frequently. Socializing begins early and each pups gets lots of loving and holding in my arms.

I consider them my babies and I love cooing them, telling them stories and fairy tales. I get the tilt of their heads as they look at me…they must be saying…”well, if you say so”…they are definitely treated as family.

I can only tell you Shih Tzu are…The best Love that money can buy!

Most often there is always three in my lap at a time. Hugging them is what I love most.

I am dedicated to producing a higher standard in Shih Tzu. Beautiful conformation, temperaments & outstanding health.

My Shih Tzu are as smart as they are beautiful. They are eager to learn and oh so willing to please you. They’ll give you a comedy act every day.

Usually a variety of sizes and colors. Each come with registration papers, 1st set of shots, health certificate with one year guarantee.

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To Crate or not to Crate?

Here are a couple web sites you might be interested in viewing:



Just a few items to mention:

Puppies really do enjoy their crates. As they grow they learn to trust their “den” as a safe haven or as a quiet resting place. It’s their “place”. We all have our place to go sit and relax…why wouldn’t you offer your pup the same?

I have my baby pups weaning from their mama’s between 6 & 7 weeks. I crate them individually close to their mama’s crate so they can see her but they are in their own home now. Mama says thank you for the needed rest. She loves to play with her pups come morning.

By the time you get your Shih Tzu or Shih Poo at 8 weeks, they will be perfectly happy to crawl up into their crate in the middle of the day and in the evening. They will snuggle under or around the fleece pad. They are making their nest comfy. Just the same as you fix the pillow behind your back…they like to do the same. Don’t take the pad away thinking he/she is trying to get it out of the way. They like it when it falls on top of them as they peek out the “opening” they created.

If you can place the crate in a convenient out of the way corner, yet have it still near the family, leave the door open and your Shih Tzu will go visit at their own whim several times a day to just “chill” for awhile.

There are other large-kinda flat, big stuffed animals, (I get mine at Walgreens on their most top shelves) they are nice for them to pounce and play and sleep on thru-out the puppies life. Please give them all the love you can!!! Spread these big but kinda flat stuffed animals thru-out the house in different rooms for your angel to cuddle into!

It’s a sweet loving gesture to offer your pup his/her treats when they go to their crate so they can associate it with good things. Never, ever, ever punish your pup by putting them in their crate after they have done something wrong. A crate should never be a place for punishment.

I hear so often, this sentence, coming from customers who’ve had or are about to purchase a puppie, ” I think a crate is like putting a dog in a jail”. This is the saddest misconception! And a reason I won’t want to sell you one of my Shih Tzu. You have basically said, I won’t give my dog his own “place”.

Your “place” with him/her is wonderful. If you want them in bed with you…my feelings are “how grand is that!” But…just like you like to have alone time or just go curl up on the chair or sofa….so does a dog love to go his crate and snuggle under or on their pad.

The Shih Tzu breed truly enjoy their crates! It is a safe place, a safety haven, a den, a home!

Those prelearned misconceptions are merely ignorance. Please, please, if you are going to be a dog owner, take some time and educate yourself on Shih Tzu sleep patterns and habits.

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House Training…

There are many well proven methods of house training. One I like in particular is training with bells.

One very important note: Until your puppie has completed their sets of shots, (4) train your pup to go on pee pads inside the house first. Your puppie is a parasite magnet right now and so very susceptible to parasite infections, with any “thing” lingering on the ground.

There are websites and books on this subject. Do some research and you might find this an easy way too.

Basically, it is tying two bells on a string, hanging them either directly on the door knob or close to the exit you will be using to teach your pup to go potty outdoors.

Call or take your puppy over to the doorway and place it’s paw on the bell to ring it, say your potty word, and with deliberation, proceed to take them outside to potty.

Please don’t think your pup is going to “go” just because he/she is outside. Walk around your yard and or area, not making too much eye contact, saying go potty, or whatever your choice of words may be. This can last 15-20 minutes or be immediate. When the pup has done it’s business, please praise lavishly!

A treat is not necessary if your praise is lavish…that is enough of a treat. Shih Tzu aim to please. They will connect after a few times of hearing that lavish praise that they did a good thing. Soon they’ll be anxious to go potty outdoors just to please you.

Don’t make the bell ringing fun! It is a must that the bell does not become a toy. A stern no the first time he/she plays with it such as coming back in after they’ve just pottied. Be careful with your judgment call…is it play or a “I have to go” signal. If they do start to play with it, take them outside again and do your routine walk about. If the pup shows no signs of having to go but wanted to play with the bell….say let’s go back and then when you are inside the door do not let the pup near the bell. Even if you have to pick him/her up at that moment to distract him/her away from the door. It is necessary to distract.

Every half hour during the first day or two, you should be diligent and persistent in teaching your pup the house training method of your choice. Two weeks is the least amount of time I’ve experienced where I had to be cautiously watchful in the house training for the puppie to really “get it”.

Feeding your pup at intervals convenient for your schedule to walk the pup outdoors may be necessary. I’m sure there are books and literature on that for your research. I hope the bell training method works for you. It’ll certainly make life easier once your pup has learned to tell you by way of pawing the bell when you are in a different room. You’ll feel so happy you heard that jingle!

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On Food and Table Scraps…

Search our website Links for detailed sources of information & lists of poisonous foods for pups.

I give my puppies and my growing adults Nutro Natural Food Small Puppy Bites. Moistened food is a must for baby puppies as their teeth are not fully formed yet and their gums can get sore trying to chew on dry food.

Odorous gas and foul breath are a sure sign of imbalance in their system.

Table scraps are definitely on the list of the canines worst enemy. As the Shih Tzu ages, table scraps can cause tooth decay and bad breath along with a string of other ailments. With very few exceptions!

Most dogs love vegetables and their digestive systems tolerate them in moderation. Fruits can also be given such as apple and banana.

When selecting your pups food bowls try to get plain bowls, the ones with fancy prints or paw prints at the bottom of the inside of the bowl distract puppies and they try to “get that toy” out of their bowl with their paws and there goes the water all over the place or the food across the room.

Buying over the counter dog food versus the specialty brands can be confusing. Select the best that your budget will allow. Purchase one containing the least amount of fillers and preservatives. Look for meat as a first ingredient rather than meat by-products. The development of your pup is at stake here.

In the long run, the more expensive dog food turns out to be cheaper by way of less vet visits with digestive ailments and bone and joint pains. You might not notice anything in their first year but come along the second and third year and you reap what you sow. If you have been giving your pup table scraps and junk food your wallet will begin to feel the burden of your ways. (vet bills)

Start out right and your pup should live a vibrant, healthy, intelligent, strong bodied and well developed life.

Begging is a long ago learned habit that got passed down thru generations and today our dogs have the begging techniques down to a science. They know how to give you the soulful look, the perfectly timed whine, the shake of the tail, the tilt of the head with a paw in the air stance to get their way. Don’t fall for the guilt trip they are good at giving us. Be strong. This is love because you do care for their well being. Remember that begging is instinctive, ignore it and your dog will be healthier!

Allow treats that are nutritious for them. Give these treats usually immediately before or after you are eating so they’ll feel part of the family, . Remember, ROUTINE is a dogs best friend. If you eat at a certain time of day every day, giving a treat at that time serves as bonding time too.

Treats can be another form of dry puppy food such as Purina Little Bites, Kibbles & Bits or Beneful. They think they’re getting a treat since it’s different from their daily food. Veggies such as broccoli, carrot sticks etc. also make them happy.

There are various methods of when to feed, timed for when to eliminate. I’m only going to share what works for my group of babies and breeders.

My dogs mornings start with a romp around the yard getting frisky and playing with each other as they race around doing figure 8′s. While they are active I also get to see who, if any, is lagging behind and might need special attention that day. All of us have our on and off days. This is natural and just needs attending to with a little extra watch to see that the dog gets special care. Within hours that pup is out and about playing hard or a trip to the vet might be necessary. Being watchful over your pets behavior patterns helps you know when your pup isn’t being him/herself.

After they’ve settled, I like to serve them the moistened Nutro Natural Choice. My Veterinarian suggested many years ago to mix a spoon of fiber into their food to help their digestive system. Since then my dogs have had plain Metamucil in their moistened food every day and they are noticeably healthier!

My dogs do not gulp their food. They don’t hurriedly eat. They know their food is there for them and won’t be taken away…no need to hurry and get their food down in fear it’ll be taken away after twenty minutes. Sorry, I don’t believe in that method.

I’ve seen more dogs wolf their food down when it is placed in front of them because they’ve learned it’s gonna be taken from them in a matter of minutes. Allowing the dogs to eat at their pace is far more gentle to their digestive system. I take the food away at 3:30-4:00 every day. This allows the rest of the day to eliminate and thus have no “accidents” later when put to bed for the day. Their day ends at 7:00 p.m, then back to their own crates for the night.

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When Puppie Teeth Come In…

Puppie teeth sometimes come in at about five months of age.

Your new puppy not eating?

Some, not all…but definitely more often than not, ShihTzu Puppies don’t get a full set of front teeth till they are five months old…especially Shih Tzu that are on the smaller side.

I’ve often gotten that call that my pup has lost interest in his food. Don’t blame the food! The poor babies gums are probably feeling bruised gums from trying to crunch those kernels.

Moisten the dry kernels with hot tap water and stir into the dry kernels till you have a tiny bit of “gravy” going on then let it sit till the kernel seems spongy.

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Treats and their FAQ’s

I am only offering thoughts on Shih Tzu.  I cannot offer thoughts or tips for other breeds.

Often I have people emailing with questions about choice of treats, when to treat, and how much to treat and should I worry about nutrition in a treat.

Having a lot of thoughts about treats, I’ll just ramble here and hope you get some tips.

Ideally, there would only be 2-3 treats a day given to your pup.  And obviously in tiny portions.

Here’s a helpful hint:  Saying this to yourself, before you give your pup a treat…Trade the word treat for the word weight.
“Here puppie puppie do you need some weight…thata pup, here’s some weight for you”.   That sounds rather foolish.  And if you get the urge for seconds or more treats than you know is right…change the words to “I’ll just have another pound thank you!  In time your conscience will lead you in the right direction.  Most changes in life don’t happen over-nite.

So now, you become confused and say,  ”well that’s no fun”.  But you can counter that with nutritious treats such as, mixed veggies.  The carrots and peas and green beans and corn are all the right size already cut up for you.  I buy the frozen bags and put it in the fridge over-nite and by the next afternoon it’s the right temperature for them to chew on.  Lots of nutrients and antioxidants in this treat. And if you want to join your pup…I add a spoon of salad dressing to the cold veggies and ummm, ummm good!

My pups get so happy with their mixed vegetable treats you’d think it was covered with peanut butter.  Ah there’s another thought, a cheerio with a pinch of peanut butter…ummm.  Even the cheerios with nothing, keep some in your pocket and when your pup does something special you can offer the cheerio.

By the way, did you know that praise is a treat to a pup?  Oh yes it is!  Watch that tail get excited with your praises of good pup, good pup, (obviously saying their name).   And that reminds me too….pups love really love to have their name said to them in a happy tone of voice!

And there’s no boundaries as to how much can you give of that!    They don’t need to be performing or doing something great to have you say their name happily to them.  Anytime is the right time for happy talk to a pup, when it includes their name, it’s all the better.  It’s also a form of love.  When you say to someone “that outfit looks good on you”  their smile is instant.  When you say the name of your pup and say good pup (their name) you get the same reaction!  Go ahead, it doesn’t add weight and gives a lot of joy!

Holding your pup is the greatest treat.   So many people give a treat to their pup because “now isn’t the time…here…here’s a treat, now go lay down”.   Treats can be a form of your own guilt thinking you are not doing enough for them.  They don’t need constant holding.  They do need holding tho.  Again, I’m conversing here about humans and Shih Tzu.

Odorous gas and foul breath are a sure sign of imbalance in their system.

The store bought jerky treats or bacon flavored pieces or baked doggie treats are acceptable and just that…barely passing the word acceptable.  They are fillers.  They claim to be “made from real meat” and other claims….a pinch of meat added now constitutes a new sentence…”made with real beef”!  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking these fillers are “good or nutritious” for your pup.

There are numerous fruits, an apple slice, a chunk of banana, sweet potatoes, that can be given to your pup as a reward or treat.  NEVER, any chicken or beef or pork or ham or pepperoni …they are not processed correctly for your pups digestive system.  I don’t care how well you think you prepared it for them… It’ll catch up to you with a vet bill!   Just like our wrong eating catches up to us with a doctor visit!

It is so simple to be conscientious about what goes into our pups stomach for their longer life!  It’s also a form of loving your pup.

Be careful and stingy with treats or fillers.  Be generous with hugs and praise as a treat!

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What has your experience been with giving treats?


My little pup has terrible gas and her breath is sour. Could that still be from the frog? Or could it be from a treat we giving her that is real meat with Chicken & Venison they are Jerky Treats. The gas and the breath is telling me there is something wrong with her digestive system? Is there something you suggest I may give her to combat this? I will trust your advice now before the Dr.’s. We are taking her Tuesday for her Rabies and Distemper? I know the Rabies but I don’t know if there anther shot that is going to be done?

I used to LOVE the puppy breath, now I can hardly stand to kiss her, which is not normal. (I do kiss her, mind you, but it is not pleasant). It is a sour smell, which is the only way I can describe the odor. And the GAS is so strong, you would think she just pooped, right there next to you, but there is nothing there only my little pup and her little body with no poop, just the illusion of poop! LOL.

I look forward to hearing from you

reply~~Hi Karen!

I can only sigh and say omg please don’t feed them junk. Jerky has NO NUTRITION. Yes her body is speaking to you!
Good Intuition! Always before giving them a treat look for where sugar is on the label and also sodium. Jerky basically is sodium.
But mainly Nutrion is in a treat also. I give all of my pups only 2 Cesar treats per day and that is at night. But they think mixed veggies are a treat and literally scarf them down. Mixed veggies give them antioxidants and nutrients. So reach for a cut up carrot slice for her size. Or if during the day he wants to give her something then give her one or two cheerios.

Numerous Treats during the day also cause an imbalance in their system.

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Who’s Training Who…When it comes to treats.

This is what I have learned about giving treats to my pups.

While breeding, raising, training and developing positive habits for these Shih Tzu angels… I have seen there is a definite difference of reactions with edible treats versus the treat of praise and happy talk. The treats I give my angels are my “happy voice”, with my arms around them, and taking care of their obvious daily needs. A beautiful, emotional, good feeling that will make a lasting imprint on your pups mental and emotional health, while not compromising those internal organs.

That is one very prominent learning experience I’ve discovered, which is really a no brainer and yet surprising at the same time.

Marketing has got ya! All those pretty packages have lured you into thinking your pup will benefit from them. I’m not saying there aren’t some good ones out there on the market, but it’s a small percentage that are beneficial to your pets health. So when YOU have the NEED to offer a treat to your pup… deliver the treat to the pup with this phrase:
“Here puppy, come get your liver failure, I’ve got some pancreatic problems for you too… want some kidney failure… I’ve got some for you!”

Well, Hello! This breeder is giving you a wake up call! Step back and give it some thought. That treat lasted two seconds with no emotional well-being achieved for the pup AT ALL!

Try my way… turn on your happy, playful voice and watch the reaction your pup gives you. This only needs to be for a few moments and, given daily, several times a day, your pups health will be greater. Just watch and learn. It’ll take a while to train yourself, but you can do it…your pup will let you know how much this treat is appreciated! Pretty soon your pup will have you trained with what kind of treat they like the most!

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Remember that they can’t do a lot of things for themselves and that they depend on you to make their life a quality life!

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful.

2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment,

but I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me.

Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can’t bear to watch.

Don’t make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so.

~Take a moment today to thank God for your pets. Enjoy and take good care of them.

Life would be a much duller, less joyful experience without God’s critters.

~Now please pass this on to other pet owners. We do not have to wait for Heaven, to be surrounded by hope, love, and joyfulness. It is here on earth and has four legs!

(Origin Unknown, sent to me from a friend)

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