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CALL FOR DETAILS – Appointments only in the afternoon!     Mornings are reserved for PUPPY CARE!   Call Jannie at 352-270-4585. 

Once you have selected a puppie that you are interested in place a deposit of $200.00 to hold the pup. I will hold the newborns/young pups till they are 8 weeks old and or the time they are capable of leaving the “nest”.

There is a limited time for holding the pup.   So please call me at 352-270-4585 and we can discuss your situation.

If you place a deposit on a pup and then change your mind, your deposit can be transferred to another pup. There are no refunds.

If no deposit is placed and you still want to arrange to see the pup please know I cannot promise the pup will be available by the time you make your appointment.

Please read Puppie Purchase Agreement  before making a Deposit!
You may place a $200.00 deposit thru a Western Union Money Gram available at your local grocery, Money Grams, and now PayPal.

You will need my name, town, state, zip code and my phone number.
Once you fill out the paper work they will give you a reference number. Please email the reference number to me so that I can pick it up. I will need from you: your name, town, state, zip code, phone number, name of person who actually filled out the money gram and which pup you are reserving.

Your angel must be paid in full upon 8 weeks old or upon pick-up date predetermined with breeder and buyer communication, cash only.   Should you change your mind, deposits are not refunded.   Deposits can be transferred to another puppie within a two week period. As long as a specified agreement between breeder and buyer exist.

Payment Plans can be arranged for pups younger than 8 weeks old. Payment in full is required by the time the pup is 8 weeks old. There are no refunds.  If full payment is not secured by 8 weeks of age the pups goes to the next person requesting the pup. Call for details.

YES $200.00 non-refundable like a “processing fee” or Hold fee”, deposit, etc. Putting a puppie on hold prevents me from offering it to other prospective buyers, thereby possibly losing a sale.

If your selected pup is already 8 weeks old, Your puppie will be placed “ON HOLD” .
The post will not state SOLD until puppie actually transfers into your hands.

If you need more time before actually picking up your new puppie,
a $10.00 per night fee for holding your angel till you are ready for their pick up may be due at pick up. Ask me about special holds for Christmas presents.

CALL FOR DETAILS – Appointments only in the afternoon!    Mornings are reserved for PUPPY CARE!    Call Jannie at  352-270-4585.

PRICES:  SHIPPING EXTRA – CALL FOR DETAILS – Buyer pays all processing fees for costs to send funds towards puppie.
The smaller the pup plus color variations and stature will dictate higher prices.

Prices can change by breeder without notice if a deposit has not been placed.

You can also contact me through my Phone – Ace Of Pups.  Call Jannie at 352-270-4585

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