You can do a money gram or Western Union gram. I also accept PayPal. They will give you a reference number to give to me so that I can pick it up. You will need my name, phone, town, state and zip on the form for you to fill out.
The forms are at your local grocery store.

Please email me: with the reference number, your name, number, town, state and zip and which puppie you want held for you.

I don’t accept credit cards, or postal money orders.

Then your puppie will be placed “ON HOLD”.  It will not read as SOLD until the puppie actually transfers into your hands.
Contact Me.   CALL FOR DETAILS – Appointments only in the afternoon!      Mornings are reserved for PUPPY CARE!    Call Jannie at 352-270-4585.

Jannie Opielski
Ace of Pups
3902 N. Lecanto Hwy.
Beverly Hills Florida 34465