What are the Preparation items before bringing home your new pup?

Nutri-Cal – a vitamin paste – (at a Pet Store) Buy the tube that says for DOG.  Use in stressful situations for a…

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Puppies and Stress and Anxiety.

All of these Puppy Health Links below really should be read before taking possession of your new puppy for the…

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A repost. CARE for your Shih Tzu toenails.

Here are photos of a 2 year old female pup returned to me for hopeful Re-Homing due to an unfortunate personal loss by Ali’s owners.

During the last weeks of her life, Ali lay on the bed by one of the owner’s side, and did not leave until she passed away. Ali brought comfort and love to her during the last days of her life and to her husband during this extremely upsetting time. Afterwards, and when personal circumstances forced her to be brought back to me, I didn’t chastise or scold him for the condition of the pup, as I’m sure there were other things on their mind at the time.

However I did choose to share this with you. I hope, in spite of any circumstance, your pup is being treated with all the love and care it deserves.

Ali had 4-5″ mats throughout her coat including her legs, face, paw pads, and even her private areas. I had no other solution but to shave her. This was tedious and uncomfortable for this darling angel. Her nails on all four paws are twisted sideways as they are curled and very long.

Moral of the story I suppose would be to ask you if something happens in your life and you cannot care for your pup … please telephone me and we can arrange a new home for your pup rather than letting the pup endure this disheartening situation. In Ali’s case, she has found a wonderful new home and will bring happiness to another family.

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Does your stress become your canines stress?

Does your Stress become your Canine companions stress?

Stress! Changes! How does a dog deal with our life situations! Actually that yellow stuff – I call it bile -usually shows itself when your dog gets stressed or worried about their owners wellbeing.

Sometimes our actions can be be pretty hard on our Canine companions. If you hurt, they’ll hurt with you. And quite often they’ll cry with you too. You won’t hear the boohoohoo but you’ll see the glisten of tears wetting their hair around their eyes.

Contrary to some beliefs, yes, dogs do show emotions. Outward signs are there if you’ll just pay closer attention to your Canine partner. The yellow bile is expelled when the dog is momentarily overwhelmed with the stress or changes your lifestyle is going thru.

Be happy, your dog is showing deep care about you. Try to relax and tone down the drama as best you can. When the going gets tough, get your Canine companion as close to you as you can, and give them some wonderful hugs they need you as well as you need them! These angels can teach us all quite a lot about unwinding and living in the moment and taking deep breaths and trusting.

Oh and by the way, when your dog does that…don’t worry, they’re just expressing their own anxiety, depression and or compassion.

More on puppy and adult Canine stress.

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Jannie’s Tips

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