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Harry n Christie give Marker a new home!

Thanks for answering my question about the shots. My vet said some breeders think it’s ok to just put what they gave on the sheet too. I told her I doubted you would but I wanted to check to be sure. Thanks for clarifying. 😊. You’re a wonderful breeder and we will highly recommend you!

Markee is laying in my lap right now. He’s tired. Precious has kept him busy running. 😀
Markee did great at his vet appt. shots all done. He behaved very well. She thought he was a doll.

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Subject: Oso

Hello Jannie,
I wanted to give you an update on our puppy! When we bought him, his name was scramble. We renamed him Oso which is Spanish for bear. It totally fits because you can also say “Oso cute” or “Oso crazy”! Haha!

He used to make such crazy noises and a vet told me he needed surgery! We waited since I remember reading on your site that the nostrils will open up. Well, his nose opened up quite well after a while and he now only makes noises if he wants someone’s attention or if he is sleeping on his back.

We are SO happy with our decision to buy Oso. He is such a joy in our lives. He is obsessed with playing fetch, which is so much fun for us! He loves carrots, green beans, and apples for snacks once in a while. He is growing and has finally hit the 10 lb mark after getting neutered. He is probably the cutest shih tzu of all time (or so I’m told by EVERYONE we meet).

Here is our 2016 Christmas picture.

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Love our babies and they are the most well behaved, sweet natured girls I have ever come across.

Subject: Zsa Zsa and Ava

It was wonderful talking with you Jannie, and I look forward to picking out another beautiful girl from you this spring. I have attached two pictures of the sisters that my sister and I purchased from you 4 years ago. Zsa Zsa is white and Ava is multi brown color. We love our babies and they are the most well behaved, sweet natured girls I have ever come across.

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