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With the real estate market closing a door of my life, I had to choose another career.  We’ve all heard “do what you love”,  well, I had contemplated becoming a Shih Tzu breeder for a few years.   Another door was about to open in my life!

Luckily, I had sold my former home before the market fell completely. With that I relocated to Beverly Hills, Florida. My hesitation didn’t last long as I decided to invest in my newest career decision.    DOING WHAT I LOVE.

With the spirit of Luck on my side,  I started thinking of a theme for my breeding business.    Feeling Lucky I adopted the Poker game as my theme.  Now my breeders and their litters are named after Casino’s and Poker games.

As I started acquiring my angels I wanted to first raise them as 8 week old babies while watching and enjoying them as they grew.  This way I would “learn by doing”!   And that I did!  Each of my babies were named with my theme in mind.

When a new litter comes I rampage thru the poker dictionaries & lists of Poker terms & Casinos.  In the Veterinarian’s office I spotted the photos of dogs playing poker.  I got online and found the artist and bought all his prints on different settings of dogs playing poker.

The Shih Tzu, being known as the calmest and sweetest dog, became, in my mind, the “ACE of PUPS”!!!   Thus, my breeders and their babies get dubbed a poker term!   Sometimes I vary, if a baby just looks like something or is being funny, I’ll dub it a nickname like Socks for the white paws, etc.

So with Gambler, Reno, River, Queen, Bluff, Texas, Rainbow, Kitty, Lady, Glory, Star, Casino, Winner, Coffee Cup, Muppet, Ace, Poker, Gypsy, Chips and Dealer,  I’ve become quite a dictionary on terms.   Adding some of my kept girls to my breeder list is a well thought out process.  Looking for conformity true to the Shih Tzu stature and temperament I have selected another bevy of beauties to offer the sweetest Shih Tzu puppies for you to love.

Take a look at my breeders to see how wonderful they are!

Truly, I “Raise” Hearts & Diamonds, Kings & Queens, some are Jokers & some are a little Wild, but they all steal  Hearts!!

You can also contact me through my Phone – Ace Of Pups…Cell…352-270-4585

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Jannie Opielski
Ace of Pups
3902 N. Lecanto Hwy.
Beverly Hills Florida 34465