Now using PET853 Anti Bark Collars.

This PET853 Anti Bark Collar is now replacing the ones I used from Pet Tags.  (Hard to find now)
It is a bit larger but still lightweight.  It emits a sound when the dog first barks and, if they continue, will send out a small shock with the sound.

These collars are not meant for walking your dog with a leash attached to them.
Truly the necks of Shih Tzu is too short for collars. The trachea protrudes and a wrong twist or tug can be instant death.  So I need to be sure my customers are not confused by bark collars.  It’s not ok to walk their Shih Tzu with a leash attached. Please use a Harness when walking your Shih Tzu.

My Wisconsin Shih Tzu, Cody, Drummer and Mini obey it after the first sound and have never been shocked by it. Actually, these pups just need to see the collar laying around and know better than to bark. But when something strange is going on they do let me know.  This collar works well for us and a very low price. The link above will take you to Amazon for information on this product.  And NO, this is not a sponsored article.

Below is a copy of the usual manual for this Aolun No Bark Shock Dog Collar with 7 Sensitivity Levels-No Harm, No Pain Vibration, Adjustable Buckles for Small, Medium & Large Dogs-Prevent Barking, Ensure Good Behavior & Facilitate Training.

Pet 853 Anti Bark Collar
Pet 853 Anti Bark Collar

Pet 853 Anti Bark CollarManual Page 1

Pet 853 Anti Bark CollarManual Page 2