Playing first thing before breakfast! Part 2

Can I start with you?

  • Have you ever…
  • Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed?
  • wished for just today not to hear or speak to anyone including the mirror?
  •  just wanted a day to relax and not even move if Ya didn’t have to?
  •  wished to lay in bed hours on end?
  •  wanted to just have fun all day?
  •  woke up loving everyone and every thing?
  •  had a day when you had no appetite at all…for no reason?
  •  had a day when you can’t get enough food no matter what you just ate?
  •  had a day where everyone just did what you told them to do?
  •  had a time in your life where you got to just the right weight?
  •  known someone with perfect weight?
  •  had a day when a little of all this applied to you or someone you love?

Now look at these misconceptions:

  • Don’t pick a shy one.
  • Don’t pick one that looks scared.
  • Don’t pick one that hides in the corner.
  • Don’t pick one that isn’t active.
  • Don’t pick one that doesn’t want to cuddle & lick you.
  • Don’t pick one that seems over active.
  • Don’t pick one that seems like a pack leader.
  • Don’t pick one that looks like they are always eating.
  • Don’t pick a big one.
  • Don’t pick one too small.

SEE… Most ALL puppies do have multiple personalities!
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