Once you find your “calling”

Not all of us find our “calling” in this world, yet, thankfully, many people do. We’ve all heard the phrase; Do What You Love.
Well, I found my “calling” and I’m doing what I love!

Raising Shih Tzu and ShihPoo puppies are such a passion for me that, even after ten years, that passion is still going strong.

The rewards of seeing the happiness, comfort, and peace my customers show when I hand them their puppies is gratifying and quite emotional for me. Sometimes when I sell my beautiful puppies I am wearing a cloak of melancholy that seems to take forever to shake off. Often the ache of loss of the puppy is profound, but more often than not, I feel great happiness when handing you your pup. There are also times when the weight of wondering what kind of life will that puppy have is overwhelmingly taxing. That’s Life at Ace of Pups!

I want to take a moment to share another point of view that hurts me when I hear it said to me. Most often I’m aware the intention of these sentences are not meant to hurt me. I get that. It’s just that I’ve heard it so often and I feel the need to share with you what I hear while listening to you.

Here are those sentences:
“I could never do what you do. I could never be a breeder. I wouldn’t be able to give the pups up or let the pups go. I’d want to keep them all”.
On my side of the fence, I heard you say how hard my heart is and how soft yours is. Ouch! I understand the innocence of those statements is not that you meant to hurt me… just know it does and I catch myself defending my reasons for being a breeder.

Primarily it is for the preservation of the breed and being diligent to keep the integrity of the breed as high a quality as possible. It is also for my love of the breed and to keep the very, very special temperament these pups have.

I cherish this breed so strongly and have made it my passion to make certain my breeding program offers you a high-quality loving pup to fulfill that void you are expressing to me that you need to fill. Thus, most often, the gratifying feeling of “Doing What You Love” and handing you your new angel rewards me. I get a whole lot of happiness breeding high-quality pups for you.

HappyPaws to you all,

Jannie and her AceOfPups Breeders
Jannie and her AceOfPups Breeders