I decided to be a bit whimsical with the abc’s. AceOfPups.com. A Purebred ShihTzu Breeder.


I decided to be a bit whimsical with the ABC’s

A – Awesome and adorable are the most often used expressions when buying a puppie.
B – Babies and New Born Shih Tzu puppies are treated very similarly —round the clock repetitious care….repeat again.
C – Constant Care and Caution during those first few days and weeks.
D – Diapers and Pee Pads, what’s the Difference?
E – Encouraging the puppies to Experience Every thing Every day…Etc.
F – Feeling the swelling of your heart as each pup Finds being in your arms a great place to be.
G – Great and Grand moments outweigh the Grief and Grieving moments
H – Happiness override’s the aches of a Hurting and Heavy Heart
I – I can’t Imagine life without a Shih Tzu
J – Jannie loves Shih Tzu, they bring Joy
K – Kind hearted people purchase Shih Tzu pups. Kisses from Puppies
L – Love and Laughter, and Lessons Learned are synonymous with Shih Tzu
M – Mercy…yet always, Merry Moments.
N – Never a dull moment, Never a day without laughter
O – I am Overworked but also Overjoyed!
P – Parasites, Potty Training and Protecting my Puppies keep my heart Palpitating
Q – Quandaries and Quirks happen every day
R – Rest?  Rewards…Endless
S – Stress?  …Endless
T – Triumph is watching puppies learn new Techniques to their world
U – Unique and yet so alike are these Shih Tzu pups
V – Victory when my pups find their Very Valuable new families
W – Feeling Wow, Wonderful, Worry, Wisdom, and Whimsical every day
X – Sometimes breeding pups is Lil’ X-rated
Y– You’ll never know boredom again
Z – Hmmmm, I need some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ