Shih Tzu true or false

Shih Tzu puppy true or false:

When searching for a new dog, we always have questions. Where can you find puppies for sale? What do I need to buy when I find my new puppy? What do I need to learn about training? All of these things weigh heavily on our decision-making process, and below I disprove some myths and confirm some facts that should make your decision an easier one.

  1. My puppy licks my face as a show of affection. This is false. When Puppies are first introduced to solid food in the wild, they lick their mothers face so their mother will purge the meal she most recently consumed, Yuck! The reason puppies lick us is a show of respect, showing us we are the pack leader.
  2. My dog wags his tail only when he is happy. This is false. While this is the most common reason for a dog wagging its tail, it also can signify anxiety.
  3. Dogs only growl when they are angryThis is false. Yes, dogs do growl when angry, but the also growl as a form of play.
  4. My puppy only chews things because it is being disobedient. This is false. Puppies chew to ease teething discomfort, to play, to explore the environment, to assuage hunger, to establish dominance, and to relieve boredom.
  5. You have to ween your puppy when making changes in food. This is true. It is always a good idea to ween your puppy onto a new brand of food. This includes when you go from puppy to adult dog food.
  6. A dogs mouth is cleaner than a human. This is false. This is an urban legend, in past studies, they said that a bite from a human was more likely to cause infection than a bite from a dog. This has since been found to be untrue.
  7. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This is false.
    You can, it just takes a little longer and some patience. Think of a computer, it runs great when it is brand new, but gets a little slower when the memory starts to fill up.
  8. A dog shouldn’t be able to freely roam the house until they are at least a year old. This is true. They are still considered puppies and therefore can still be a bit destructive. I advise waiting until at least a year old to allow them to roam free while you are away.
  9. You should only start training your puppy when they are 5-6 months old. False, you should start training your puppy as soon as you get it.
  10. A puppy should not join a house with young children. This is false. When bringing a puppy into a house with very young children, just realize that you must supervise the interactions to assure the interactions are appropriate and not too rough between the two.