Question: Why is my 8 week old ShihTzu is shaking?

my 8 week old shih tzu is shaking?

More likely you possibly mean trembling…..this could be simply an uneasy feeling the pup is experiencing…OR…
it could mean the pup is about to go into a hypoglycemic attack.

Your puppie medicine cabinet is important to have stocked with necessary items for such happenings.
Nutrical is a vitamin paste that comes in a tube, (idon’t buy the one for puppy, it is too runny) buy the one that says for dog on it.
Squeeze a finger tip full into the pups mouth.    For either situation, the uneasiness or the onslaught of the hypoglycemic attack.
Nutrical stabilizes their little systems.  It is paramount to have this on hand.
Be watchful and call your veterinarian and explain these symptoms and get their advice as well.

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