Old Wives Tales are still out there confusing potential ShihTzu pet owners.

Old Wives Tales are still out there confusing potential pet owners.

I like this inquiry! Do siblings get along better than non-siblings? 2 males better than 2 females? Male and female as companions?
How can I know which is best?

Okay! I say hog wash to all of these… in a way.

Actually, it is an old wives tale about which sex to pair at all.
Male and female, 2 males, 2 females, it is not the ingredient that will or will not play a factor in them getting along.

Pups have personalities too… that is the main ingredient that comes into play.

There are many instances where I have experienced watching puppies of all combinations develop,
and I can tell you for certain they generally don’t care if one or the other of them is a male or female.
That isn’t their “criteria” as to whether they’ll have fun together and bond.

Unexpectedly, a shy pup with an aggressive pup can be a really wonderful combination. Each helps the other mold into a really grand disposition.
The shy one comes out of their shell and the aggressive one becomes more toned down, and their sex has no bearing whatsoever.

While raising my Shih Tzu angels, I’ve seen it over and over. When they are raised together from their youth, most often no personality gains the upper hand… if you, as the parent, are being watchful and stepping in as needed to create that beautiful harmony necessary to establish happy pups.
That’s simply being a good puppie owner. You as their parent must adhere to good direction and discipline and most of all sharing the love equally between them.

Siblings do have a stronger bond from the beginning, but two pups that are not sibling will develop that bond very quickly. Either male and female, two males or two females, they most often will bond within hours of being together.

As pups they learn to play, share toys and teach each other, their companionship is so vital to developing wonderful dispositions.
When two pups grow up together, very seldom is separation anxiety ever present. More often than not, the fun has just begun!
Happy times far out weigh the sad ones for a pup alone all day without a playmate. Two are really easier to raise than one!

When you have an older pup placed with a younger one, or pups of different breeds, the problem that can often arise is jealousy.
Then the alpha attitude can kick in and cause the pups to be aggressive at times towards one another… but that is another topic altogether.