What to do…when you don’t know what to do for your ShihTzu.

What to do…when you don’t know what to do.   All those symptoms should fit some illness, right? Some things are fairly easy to correct by yourself with the right amount of knowledge about your breed.   Here I can only “help” and I won’t try to diagnose any situation.

Clearly it is best to call your local veterinarian ASAP!  Better to be safe than sorry goes along with that visit to your vet.   Some things are fairly common and easy to treat, and some things only a vet can tell you what’s wrong.   When the pup has what sounds like a dry throat, with gasping and dry coughing, our first thought could be kennel cough, but it may be the pup has swallowed something. If you can’t get to a vet quick enough, use some children’s cough syrup… but do go to the vet as soon as you can.

When the pup has a tough time pooping, clean the butt thoroughly and cut away the hair near the butt.  Also a little mineral oil inserted with a syringe up the butt helps to move the bowels.  If it continues, see your vet.

When your pup cries constantly it may simply be calling out for some lovin, or it may be in pain.  Determine this with gently picking up the pup as you try to check for any outward signs of discomfort.  If the pup stops crying, maybe it was just craving some holding.  But if your pup still cries then it may be internal and your  veterinanrian will have to determine if there is blockage, lack of nourishment or dehydration.

The larger the Shih Tzu or Shih Poo…the less problems occur.  With the smaller ones hypoglycemia can happen rapidly.  Temperature changes can affect the smaller Shih Tzu more than the larger ones. You should have some vitamin paste in your puppy medicine cabinet for such emergencies.

Make the pup drink drink, drink, drink, & drink!!!!  Dehydration can cause a quick death for tiny puppies.

Constant shaking of the head and scratching the ears and whining usually is a sign of ear mites.  This problem is easily treated with ear cleansers and by keeping the ear canal clear of hair growth.

When the pup is itching their coat incessantly it could be as simple as dandruff.  Dandruff shampoos work great on pups too. Also, changing your pups dog food to one that has more omega oils can help.  Adding oils to their food is another way to keep their coat in good health.  Your vet can suggest many remedies for this as well.

While I do highly recommend you visit your veterinanrian for most ailments, studying your pup will help you get to know their nuances and you can probably handle a lot of their minor ailments yourself.  You will gain more experience by listening to your vet as he explains remedies during your regular visits.