“My Ace Of Pups Shih Tzu have a love hate relationship with the weather!”

How do your ShihTzu and ShihPoo pups react to Florida’s cold snaps?
Here in Florida, Today it’s 38 degrees outside.
As I take a look out the window to see if my breeders are sitting there shivering….well, I get to see the most funniest antics.
They’re running around doing the fastest figure eights and hopping and jumping up on one another and rolling around in the “half grass/half sand”.
Their excitement during this cold weather seems to spike them into such playfulness and each seems to take turns edging the other pup to join in on the chase, once one gets going again, they all get in on it.
And there I was worried I wasn’t being fast enough for them to come in to warm up.
I know ahead of time to hurry my butt off getting their playarea ready for them to come warm themselves up.  So I put myself in 2nd gear and I’m off to the races of cleaning in fast speed.  It’s difficult to clean with them in the room with me cause every time I bend down to wipe up or pick up toys etc. well, my face and arms get a tongue licking and….
Finally I’m somewhat “finished” the tasks and open up the puppie door….swoosh comes the herd…still playful but now rolling over and rubbin their heads into the fresh fleece pads I’ve put all over the floor for them to relax on. Funny how their bodies know how to handle that cold.   Oh but when it rains…ahhh…but that’s another story for a later day.
“My Ace Of Pups Shih Tzu have a love hate relationship with the weather!”
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