How long does food stay in the in the intestines of a pup? And….why should you care? Question on

How long does food stay in the in the intestines of a pup?  And….why should you care?

Over feeding our pups is a common bad habit.  Thinking the pup must be hungry when they beg or look at you with those adoring eyes imploring you to give them a treat?   Put more food on top of that and what have you succeeded at…perhaps a little weight gain here and there.  Over time, your pup is heftier than it should be.
Most often a cup a day is more than sufficient.  I get questions about the amount to feed the mature dog quite a lot.
My first Veterinarian, Dr. Bob, taught me so very much about basics that guide me to this day.
I had asked to have an x-ray on one of my mama’s to see how many babies she was having.  Dr. Bob told me not to feed her after 6 the day before bringing her in.  Well in the morning I felt sorry for her and let her have a few kibbles.   When Dr. Bob told me it was difficult to determine how many babies after taking the X-ray, I asked why.   He calmly said she has too much food in her and it blocks the view.  I said I only gave a few kibbles.  He showed me the x-ray.   Her belly was full.   It wasn’t full from the few kibbles I had given her.  It was still full from the previous day’s meal.   Her allowance per day was a cup.  She had not eaten after 6 the night before.  The few kibbles I gave her amounted to about 10 kibbles.
What I had learned thru that x-ray episode was really how long the pups “store” that food.  Well, it is actually 18 hours. Then if more is added before the other is eliminated…well,  I suppose we all can guess that is how the pups get that added weight.  I no longer “overfeed” my pups.  I have that x-ray imprinted in memory every time I see that begging look. And that is what helps me stay strong from the treat spoiling.  They get their cup and at night I give them each two of those tiny Cesars softies treats.  So all my pups are lean and healthy and always energetic and if you take a look at their bellies during the day you can see the belly “puff” is still full of food.