Why No Anxiety when walking a new puppie or a newly acquired older dog? Question on AceOfPups.com.

Walking a new puppie or a newly acquired older dog.

Let’s treat them the same!

Why? Because these pups are experiencing the same fears and the same strange environments.

Relax yourself before you even attempt to do your walk with a Shih Tzu or a Shih-Poo. Your pup wants to willingly follow wherever you go…attach something to its body and the pup says …that thing is restricting my fun. Soft, slow, calm guidance in a super relaxed mood with NO ANXIETY is your secret to each successful walking experience.

New owners, new surroundings along with new commands can confuse a puppie. Trust is paramount for the successful walking trip. Trust doesn’t happen the moment you plop down the money to pay for the pup. We need to create the correct atmosphere to begin training your pup to walk on a leash. It isn’t just a matter of putting on the harness.

Take the time to introduce your pup to a harness. There are various sizes available and you can take your pup to be sized for their harness at different pet shops. Let your pup wear the harness around the house for a few days to a week prior to trying the leash and walking. You’ll soon realize the pup shows no signs of discomfort with the harness and has become acclimated to it. At this time a few steps inside the rooms of your home will be an easy introduction to the leash.

Forget the idea of a mile walk with your Shih Tzu…read up on this breed please….as SIZE does matter.  They were not bred to be exercise dogs. Shih Tzu and Shih Poo’s suffer heat exhaustion VERY QUICKLY! A little jaunt to the mail box or the neighbor’s house up the street is all you should walk your Shih Tzu pup anyway. Do remember the water break, carry a doggie water bottle with you for a cooling and refreshing drink during your pet walk.

Consider the likeness of treating this pup as your human baby learning it’s first steps. Isn’t it nice seeing those first steps where the “baby” doesn’t fall and cry? Calmly encouraging the “baby” with your praise, your obvious rewards are tremendous. Time and patience with training your Shih Tzu or Shih Poo to accept their harness and leash will offer to bond and build trust.

PLEASE! It all comes under the heading Love. A bond and a forever home for your new pup will be your reward.

A note: Do not consider taking your pup outdoors until they are finished their required sets of shots (4). Prior to the completion of these shots, your new puppie is a parasite magnet. So please have patience and wait.

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