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How Soon Should I Take My Pup To The Groomers?

Well, when I’m asked that, I have to say how much grooming are you willing to do for your pup?
So the answer depends on you as well. If we are talking only about hair growth then we can probably give 5 months old as your first cutting. Thereafter about every 4 months, give or take a few weeks.

But Grooming isn’t just about the length of hair on your Shih Tzu pup. Bonding times are beautiful moments with your pup and can happen in many forms. Grooming the pup is a very tender bonding time. There are many areas of your pup’s body that need frequent care sometimes daily sometimes just weekly. In and around the ears, eyes, mouth, paw pads and nails, groin area and anal glands.

Trimming the hair around your pup’s eyes is so beneficial to their well being in keeping bacteria away from the eyes including scratches and irritations from the hair.

Inside the pups ears, hair grows pretty fast. This can lead to a nice home for mites. So there are products on the market to help with caring for your pups ears as well. Ear powder is so terrific for pulling the ear hair out without hurting the pup. Never cut the hair inside the ear. That doesn’t clear the ear. The pup has ear wax the same as we do, but don’t put a cotton swab in their ear…ever. Keeping the ears cleaned with ear cleaner and the cleaning pads that are sold is a very good method of avoiding mites.

Don’t let the mustache on the pup to grow so long that it starts wrapping around your pups teeth. Keep it trimmed.

Trimming the groin area of both male and female pups is so important as well. The pee will linger on the hair around their privates and that isn’t sanitary at all.

Around the pups Butt must be trimmed as well. Sometimes you may see their butt area looks a little puffy. This might be the indicator that their anal glands need to be squeezed. Using a clock as a sort of guide for you…4 o’clock and 8 o’clock is where you will place your fingers to squeeze. BUT, do this squeezing at a laundry sink or outside.
The spray that comes from the gland as you squeeze has a fantastically strong fishy odor. The spray goes everywhere too. So don’t be facing the pup when you do this. Stand aside and squeeze.

Keeping the paw pads trimmed to the pads is important so the feet don’t hold moisture which can be another hiding place for bacteria. Since pups use their paws for scratching and playing…let’s keep those paw pads free of hair growth. It also makes it easier for them to walk on the smooth and slippery kitchen floor!

The nails seem to be everyone’s main concern. There is a membrane called a Quick behind or under the curve of the nail that if you put your finger there and rub softly you will feel it. So when you are trimming the nails use that as a guide to not go past that Quick. On the safer side, just cut the tips more frequently. The bonding is wonderful. Do have on hand a product called STOP BLEED. It is a power that will stop the bleeding if you happen to cut into the Quick area.  This is the reason a lot of dogs do not want their nails trimmed. Cutting into the Quick hurts.

When you take the time to do this at the earliest stages of owning your pup, you will see it becomes second nature to the pups and the pup just accepts this is their grooming time with you.

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