Is that really blood in my puppies poop?

Uh, Oh…what’s that? Did I see what I think I just saw? Is that really blood in my puppies poop?

Ok… so you saw some blood in your pup’s poop. Don’t panic. It’s not like us, humans, if we saw blood in our poop it would/could be an OMG. Not so with your pup!

Relax, these veterinarians have got us covered. That is, they’ve got medicine already figured out for all these common little nuances that affect our Lil angels. My veterinarian prescribes Flagyl. Flagyl should be one of your “Puppie Medicine Cabinet” must-have items. It’s a tablet that you’ll give them for a few days. It cleans the intestines of some parasites that may cause the loose stools or the stress that may have caused the blood in the poop. So it’s best to be in the know and realize 99% of the time blood in the stool is a minor side effect of some stress your pup experienced.

That bright new dress you wore yesterday, or the hat on the head of some guy, or your new eyeglasses, maybe a party or get together. None of these may have been a big deal to you, but to your pup, poor sweetie, he just went and sat at his favorite spot and just watched the goings on. Meanwhile, his little body was having a tantrum. You were not even aware he was having a problem because he sat there so well behaved. He was really just trying to take in the changes. The Shih Tzu are hardy little angels but they do have their moments of stress now and then.