How soon can I take my Shih Tzu or Shih Poo puppie outside for potty training?

The pros and cons of potty training are enormous and would take forever to decipher each method.
Outside training is the easiest by far.  But a clean yard is so paramount to your pup’s health.  If another dog, cat, rabbit, mouse, etc., just went where you are taking your pup…your pup’s nose will be attracted to that area and believe me, the parasites are yelling at one another saying, “Let the party begin, we’ve got ourselves another playground”.  Referring to your pups immune system.  Parasites can wreak havoc on a small puppie.
So with caution, due diligence, monitoring carefully where the pup goes, get back inside after the pup is finished. Using Potty Pads and waiting until they’re finished their shots and the immune system is stronger, is the preferred method.