How soon can I let my new Shih Tzu or Shih Poo puppie sleep with me? Question on

How soon can I let my new Shih Tzu or Shih Poo puppie sleep with me?

That question tops as number one on the list of most often asked.
My answer would have to be quite individual to the pup and to you and your sleeping habits.
My reaction to the question is to respond with the remark…immediately.  But that’s not the best response.  It really is a case by case answer.   I purchase almost all my males and I like to place one of the extra small crates on my nightstand and have the pups next to me for a few nights.  He usually looks about and is very curious as to what makes up “my world” and his “new world”.  This way he gets used to his new environment while in his “den”.  He is still with me, able to watch me and my comings and goings.  In the mornings I place them on the bed with me and lay back down with them and let them get used to being on the bed in the daylight.  Most often after 3-4-5 days they are in bed with me thru the night.  Very rarely do I have an instance of a pup falling or jumping off the bed if I do it this way.

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