For The Love of The Shih Tzu Breed? Or …Whoever Said Breeding Shih Tzu Pups Was Just Watching Mama’s Have Their Babies?

When Tropical Storm Debbie hit us here in Florida, it was flooding everywhere, including the little shop I rent to show and sell the pups. All the big stuffed bears and toys were soaked, and, oh, the work involved with all that hauling of wet stuffed animals to be laundered. Those were heavier than normal loads and I was pretty spent by the time all that was cleaned up.

But ya know what, ya can’t ever clean up and disinfect enough it seems. Cause one of my pups got a cold that turned viral and attacked so many of my other angels. Oh my gosh, the medical costs and the concern of losing my li’l babies. Some of them were hacking and had runny noses, and all I could say to myself was, “How do human mama’s put up with this?”. The scare they get when their children home from school, sniffling and it turns into full blown pneumonia? That is how close to panic I was during all that flooding. Twelve inches of rain in one day. Then more rain, it turned into weeks of rainy days and nights.

Naturally, I was concerned and at my veterinarians for meds every other day to stifle what could be catastrophic. I was beside myself with worry. Ah, but like everything I guess, that sentence rings in my ear, this too shall pass.

Ever heard that phrase, “For the love of money”? Just thought I’d pass along my trials and tribulations as a breeder deeply devoted to selling you healthy, happy pups. And, by the way, if you think my prices are high, search the internet, if you think my prices are too low, realize I’m into this rain or shine, all for the LOVE of the breed, not for the love of money. So please, offer me some compassion, high or low, I’m only trying to make ends meet. At the same time, offering quality, healthy, home raised, purebred Shih Tzu and Shih Poo puppies that you’ll give a forever home.