Traumatized Shih Tzu now wear a Vibrating Bark Collar.

On Jul 22, 2012, Dianne wrote:
Traumatized Shih Tzu now wears a Vibrating Bark Collar. See my review of the bark collar towards the end.

Dog Barking… I have four Shih Tzu purchased from Jannie at A few months ago a very large stray dog came into our yard and terrorized our Shih Tzu pups.
Two of them had many puncture wounds that needed to be treated…but all four of them have been traumatized to the point where one (eleven pounds) will not even walk out of our yard for a potty walk until he is very sure no other dog is on site. Now he even hides, trembling, behind my legs whenever he sees another large dog, but he has now also found his voice. He is three and has never barked before. Once in a while, we just got a grumble out of him. He is slowly coming back to normal around other dogs as we work on his problem.

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The tiniest one ran into the woods, never knew a dog that tiny could run that fast! Unable to find her, we thought we’d never see her again. An hour plus later, a neighbor saw her heading home, chock full of burrs from the tramping through the woods and briars. My little 5-pound Shih Tzu was terrified, if we went to her she might run off again. We let her slowly come to us with much encouragement from us. She bypassed us and went to sit by the back door. Slowly approaching she started to wag her tail, then jumped into her daddy’s arms.

The next one, eight pounds, never got a mark, but now is quite the barker at every sound in the yard.

The biggest, at sixteen pounds, has not only become a barker but a chaser as well. She had the most puncture wounds and will fly off the front porch barking even if it’s just the neighbors on a walk or bike ride. So getting the dogs to behave and relax again has been tough.

That is the reason they all now wear vibrating bark collars. One amazing outcome is how their temperament changed to calm as soon as they experienced the first vibration. When they have the collars on they stay in the back yard and no barking. Even out here in the country barking is frowned upon!

See another post on barking.

My Review for Vibrating  Bark Collar…

Shih Poo Shih Tzu Breeders Dogs Puppy Puppies For Sale Ace 0f Pups Beverly Hills Florida.Shih Poo Shih Tzu Breeders Dogs Puppy Puppies For Sale Ace 0f Pups Beverly Hills Florida.

The reviews say there is a 50, 50 chance this collar will work on your dog. At this price figured we’d give it a try. Not much more than a dinner out.

Been using this collar for 5 months now! Tried this collar using the vibrate mode on low and low and behold, it immediately stops their barking. They have figured out how loud each can grumble (not very loud at all, just enough to let me know someone is around, but at least they don’t bark anymore. They really do not like the vibration, and I’m happy it won’t hurt our puppies like the “shock” type.

The older Classic style (red) vibrate collars go off more frequently when my dogs barked, and they are also physically smaller sized then the Pro version. This collar does the trick on low “vibrate” mode setting. Just startles him or her, and it’s keeping them quiet.

I’m extremely impressed as to how well this collar is working! I have four Shih Tzu who bark at all unexpected noises, people, other animals and anything else they feel they should bark at. Anyone who has a stubborn puppy knows what I’m talking about. I tried both settings and both were effective in keeping them quiet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to do the trick and they don’t come up with a master plan to outsmart the collar. 🙂 Also, The sensor unit itself is also very lightweight. Overall, I’m very pleased!! Worth every penny!!!

I set it on the high vibrate setting and it is like he is a whole different dog. In fact some days I put the collar on him but the switch is in the “off” position and they had not made a peep all day!!! I don’t know how it will work on a large dog but for our 4 small dogs who weigh 5, 10, 12, and 16 pounds it has worked miracles 🙂

Our dogs must think they are jewelry. They come right to us when they see us take them from a drawer, stand with their necks stretched out waiting to get it on!

The collar buckle strap is a problem for me though. My quick fix — a long piece of velcro!! Cut off the original nylon collar. Slide a piece of velcro through one side and out the other. Make sure you put the device in the middle of the velcro. Wrap the velcro around dogs neck till it meets the device, take the other long end of velcro on the other side and wrap that over the piece of velcro that you just wrap around, and … there you have it!!!! The best collar that is a perfect fit, adjustable, made just for your dog!!!

Tip…You might need to put fresh batteries in them right away, although mine were fine.
L44 watch batteries. Order in bulk 100 pack through Amazon.
Dianne Bell

2012-07-25 Update…a friend purchased these and did not change the collar like it did. It did not work on her dog, so we made another Velcro strap for a snugger fit and now it works like a charm.
Must be cause ShihTzu necks are small and have a lot of hair.

2015-03-19 Update…Looks like a new buckle style since I first ordered mine. Now it is a clip style. I still prefer the style I made myself as it holds the band closer to the throat with the stretchy band and Velcro.

Several of our collars rattle now.  They have a broken piece inside. After 3 years of wearing I guess it’s expected. Denny opened them up and fixed them with solder. Now working like a charm again.

We use the collars when school buses arrive in the area, or we expect company and on car rides. Funny how quick they learn not to bark.

Ours can even go a months before they realize the battery went dead.

I will catch them on sale again a get some spares…Purchased mine for $17.00 & now they are $19.00. Still a good deal for us.