May 312012
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There are many sites on the Internet that describe the Cherry Eye. I thought this one was rather good to help you understand.

Here are some photos of my Shih Tzu male I named Maverick. He is 6 months old now. I purchased him from a breeder and have had him since he was 9 wks old. Soon after receiving him I noticed the “Cherry Eye”. I was familiar with this as a few of the pups I have bred in the past had Cherry Eye. Although, their’s went away with a little massaging, Maverick’s Cherry Eye did not go away. I will have to have surgery done on his eye in a month or so.

I thought I’d share this little piece of experience with you and show you his picture. Then when he has the surgery done I will show you those photos too.

Just in case it ever happens that you happen to have a pup that gets the Cherry Eye, now you’ll be more aware of it.

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