Would You Think It’s Ok To Run After A Dog To Catch It?

Why Would You Think It’s Ok To Run After A Dog To Catch It? Also Known As Chasing….
When your Shih Tzu gets loose and free what will you do?
Although it may be strange to think like a dog for a moment, do me a favor and give it your best shot.

It goes a little like this: “Holy Cow” he’s running after me and the look on his face isn’t a smile either. I’m outta here! I could out run him any day.” And the next thing are signs posted everywhere: “Lost Dog, please call this number.”

For example:

The neighbors saw the fence had been left open by the yard crew. Well, it was actually the pups running down the street that alerted the neighbors. Luckily the owner was home. As one of the neighbors exercised the leaps and bounds he didn’t know he could do so well, another neighbor came and told the owner what was going on. The distraught owner hurriedly went about seeing which of pups got out while a few more neighbors offered to “track” down those escapees.

The owner immediately knew the disastrous outcome caused by chasing a dog and thanked the neighbors and said she would take care of the matter from here. Thankfully the neighbors went home and on about their business.


The goal is having the pup come to you. The opposite effect is created by the chase. The dog understands only one thing. This human looks determined, not happy, and it’s after me. The answer for the dog is to get as far away from the chaser as possible, even if it is the dog’s owner or a familiar face.

As he runs, the pup will not wait for the traffic to clear when his motive is to be as far away as he can get from the trauma he sees in your face. Can you “Catch” the Common Sense in that?

While being still and patient, simply lower your body in a halfway sort of bending kneeling motion. Then get your “acting career” in full swing with a sweet facial expression and sweet calm soothing words. More often than not the pup likes what he hears and sees. The dog will either come to you or stand still and watch your next move….hopefully giving time for the owner to come and calmly call its name.

Result: Saved dogs.

The “if only I had known” can save a dog’s life and hopefully you won’t have to say “Duh, I shoulda realized it makes Common Sense not to Chase a Dog.”

I won’t go into the horrible images of what could have been.
But lessons are learned in life by reading too.

Share Your Smile With Any One,
Jannie, www.aceofpups.net

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