Most common infection in puppies. It’s name is Giardia.

Imagine that pretty looking design being known as the most common infection in puppies. Its name is Giardia.

Thru my research reading dozens of reports on this parasite, this little “designer critter” is also quite misunderstood.

I’m not a licensed veterinarian. And I am not purporting to “know better than a vet”…on the however of that…I do offer my experiences as just that. So what you are about to read in this little “dander vent” of mine is simply to add another point of view.

In my own opinion of myself, for what it is worth, I am just a very extraordinary conscientious passionate breeder of Shih Tzu pups and I am highly cognizant of my own pups daily little quirks and habits. If one of my pups shows any signs of different looking poop…I’m onto my remedies like lightning. In my own opinion along with opinionated research on the subject, it can be likened to the common cold…if it isn’t treated the possibility is there that it can become far worse. And even when it is treated and seemingly “arrested” it can come back with horrible consequences. So it is always recommended to get a doctors advice.

Just last week I was approached by a lady who purchased her pup from another breeder. She brought the pup in to show it off and I was pleased when she said she wanted to also buy one of mine for a playmate companion. As we sat and chatted about her pup, she decided to start ranting about how bad her other breeder must be because her vet found giardia. This lady, although she did purchase one of my pups, also got an earful of my experiences on treating and causes of Giardia. She now knows it has nothing to do with her former breeder.

With that, I’ve decided to share my little “dander vent” with all of you. I’ll call this topic, Don’t Blame The Breeder. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “getting your dander up”? Well when I vent, I call it a dander vent.

It is said giardia possibly lives in just about 70% of all puppies. Tho it remains stagnant until stress or anxiety causes it to expel thru loose, mucus, bloody stools. Most pups never have the problem with Giardia. When you decide to do your research you will read two most common causes are drinking water and feces. However, there are many ways the “designer critter” latches onto the intestines.

Back to misconceptions of causes of contracting giardia, I’ll just pick a couple that are, in my humble little space of life, what I consider to be the most arguable causes.

Drinking water. Most of us live in homes and have the common sense to change the drinking water in a pups water bowl quite frequently. I, for one, have always and consistently changed my pup’s water by just seeing some food granules in it. Clean water is readily available and replaced with fresh water thru out the day.

Eating feces….I’ll debunk that one too, mama pups teach their young from day one to clean up the poop. While mama “cleans” it as it comes out the butt, so is the pup being instilled what to do as it matures…”clean it up”. It’s not a mineral deficiency as some like to insist. It’s merely nature taking care of its own world.

Well anyway, that poop gets expelled again from mama out in my yard. (Frequent poop patrols give me great opportunities for flexing my joints. I need to stay as limber as possible or else rigamortis says it’ll own me).
Although I’m not there with every single poop privilege, I am aware of mama coming back to be with her babies. Now is where the transmission of particles of “blah” left on her feet can become a culprit.

Bleach and disinfectants are used to maintain a clean environment for all these li’l angels. Because I am so diligent I rare to ever have occurrences of giardia or coccidia. My poop patrols show off their nice hardy firm stools. Oh and I can even attest to rarely having fleas.

My pups get dewormed and cleaned often. I use Panacur, Flagyl, and Marquis as treatments to ensure there are no “designer critters” swimming in my pups intestines. I got that education thru my veterinarian.

BUT, can I say to you, a buyer of my pups, that your pup will come to you free of all potential intestinal infections? No. Puppies are sponges for parasites.    It’s the world we live in.
Can you say to me, “from the moment I pick up my pup”; your hands and environment were sterilized, can you promise the pup will live in a clean almost sterile environment”? Can you tell me about school children being afflicted with giardia?  Yes, that very same parasite loves children too.  Can you tell me you won’t let your pup feel grass because bird droppings, rabbit and other animal feces and their leftover “designer critters” (parasites) are on that grass waiting for the “sponge” …your pup, to attach itself to? Can you tell me the shoes you walk in got sterilized before you walked onto the floor of your home which your pup is now laying on?  Can you tell me the hands you just picked your pup up with were sterilized?  But don’t despair….

Have any of you read or heard the news stories of bacteria and feces studies? Recently there were studies done on cell phones, ladies handbags, computer keyboards, our vehicles, car door handles, steering wheels, doorknobs in our homes, etc. and those results were profound in bacteria and feces carriers of all types of “designer critters” that cause all types of illnesses….and are passed on to our pets as well. It’s a common everyday occurrence…just like the common housefly bringing its presence into your home.
The world we live in.

Rather than blame your breeder, please, reconsider before you are quick to say we bought a sick pup. We can significantly thank our doctors and veterinarians for their diligent endless work in evolving the medications and techniques necessary to eradicate most of these illnesses!  Your vet will prescribe the correct medication to eradicate whatever type parasite your pup has.  It was invented because it is common in pups to have parasites.

With this I’ll end my “dander vent” and hope that you’ll become more cognizant of your new li’l pups environment and don’t be so quick to point a finger at a breeder because your pup was carrying the latest “designer critter”.

Knowledge is power, do your research for the remedy and see your veterinarian.
With your new “knowledge” and alertness, tell your vet any symptoms your pup is showing. You, your wallet, and your veterinarian will have more harmony as you make the effort to become more aware of “designer critters” invading your pup’s world and how to eradicate them.

The health and welfare of your pup has and always will be my greatest wish.

Share Your Smile With Any One,

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