Even Crappy days can make ya smile.

There are days when it’s time for the Vet appointments, such as today. So I loaded two litters into the laundry basket, leaving the other babies in the corral with plenty of food and water and pray that when I get back those lil Shih Tzu angels will show me how well they listened and made all their poops on the potty towels, or so I hope.

Today as I brought my Shih Tzu angel babies home in the laundry basket going to the living room where I have their corral, what to my wondering eyes should appear but crap smilin back at me, literally!!! And here it is, (in Photo form) folks I can’t make this stuff up.

I do believe God has a sense of humor!

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Crappy Days
Shih Poo Shih Tzu Breeders Dogs Puppy Puppies For Sale Ace 0f Pups Beverly Hills Florida
Poopie Smiles!







Ah, the ways to describe a breeders day. Mornings are fairly hectic, rushing to get different stages of puppie food prepared, giving expectant and nursing mamas their specialty food, putting out the other food for everyone, then bringing the baby pups into the corral, and showing them their food. Then it’s taking out the older ones to do their morning business, as I go behind them, literally, doing the poop patrol before they beat me to it, tending to the puppie laundry, making certain each one gets hug time, and then circling back to check on the babies progress and do my poop patrol there. Often times I sit there and watch to see who needs to be shown the potty towels over and over again, or who needs a butt washed cause they plunked down in it. And so this routine plays itself out seven days a week and every few hours it basically is somewhat repeated.

So remember, as I always have used this motto.    Share your smile with anyone, ya just never know how it might come back at ya!