I’m Always Told My Angels Love Baskets! This may be a reason:

I have laundry baskets and toy baskets!  Laundry baskets are used to carry my angels to and from the car on the way to visit customers, on the way to the veterinarians, or for drying in after bathing.

Toy baskets are always loaded with fun squeakies or li’l stuffed animals where my angels love to scrounge around and find something interesting to play with.

As long as it’s a basket, my angels love them!  Once they grow older, my laundry baskets. The ones with actual laundry become a running dive target for them to bounce into.  Their toy baskets get turned over and emptied so they can put the basket over top themselves.

They’ll empty them, crawl around in them, half in and half out while they twirl around and around and around.  With it flipped over they jump onto the bottoms, facing up like a platform.  They know how to slide it towards the wall of the corral to use as a stepping stool to look over the edge to see what mischief might be going on.

Summary, show your new angels a simple laundry basket or the dollar store baskets and you’ve got fun waitin to happen!