Why Ever In The World Would You Want To Complicate Your Life With A New Puppie???

Why Ever In The World Would You Want To Complicate Your Life With A New Puppie???

Are you ready for the new “YOU”?

You and your human companions are in for a change.  Shall we start with “how did that shoe get over there”  or shall we assume that we know that answer and move over to experiencing a warm fuzzy feeling that only has to do with your new canine?

Warm fuzzy feelings will greet you hourly in so many unsuspecting ways.  Prepare yourself to experience belly laughs you thought had been parked.  You’ll experience apprehension over every tiny noise or movement or non-movement your new pup makes.   Is the pup sleeping, go touch to it to see if it moves,  laying like that for an hour??? Oh, it moved, welcome to a different warm fuzzy feeling.

Hey, watch that sneeze, you’ll scare the pup, or did you create wild laughter at the antics of watching the first time your puppie hears that roar come when you blow your nose.  Three major steps backward and the poor pup groans and hides under the bed. Is that you cooing your new angel?  Is that you holding the pup saying,  “it’s ok, I just had to sneeze and clear my nose”.  Was that you speaking doggie language?
Welcome to a new warm fuzzy feeling with that adorable lick you got for showing you cared.

There’s Pee-pee on the floor and your mind twirls every which way for something to pick it up with. Your our pup looks at you with guilt ridden eyes that’ll make you lose it, and then that moment passes and then the next pee shows up on the pee pad. Welcome to a warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

Teaching your pup to play with new toys is fun. But that moment when the pup comes to you with a toy, wagging its tail in anticipation of having you join their fun. That’s a warm fuzzy feeling of knowing a bond is beginning.

Place the pup on your bed and lay down next to the pup. Yes, that’s a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s called love.

Get yourself a jar of bubbles, go sit outside and blow the bubbles and watch the fun begin. Welcome to the warm fuzzy feeling of just plain being silly again.

Do you have a window near the door? Or a glass or screen door the pup can look out?  Walk out, then half way from the door turn around and peek. There’s your new pup staring at your footsteps. Welcome to another warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ll be missed.

Go out and do your errands,  place your pup in the crate, come back home and let the pup out to potty. That warm liquid running down your leg at the excitement to see you again, it’s a warm feeling, but not so fuzzy. But, after wards, realizing “someone” is there waiting for you and desires to cuddle with you, lay on your lap and just be happy that you’re home. Welcome to the fuzzy feeling of contentment caused by a pups loyalty.

It’s morning. Uh Oh. The pup is waking up, looks about makes eye contact and bounds towards you following you around from room to room. Welcome to another new day beginning with a shadow!

Oh my goodness, you had the nerve to leave the room and close the door. Did you hear that sweet cry, that endearing whimpering?

Is that you saying “come here, my lap is empty”?

Welcome to elaborate signs of showering you with affection, knowing you are missed, experiencing bonding, feeling good about being playful and silly again. Kinda gives you a new warm fuzzy feeling!

Geez, you’ve changed haven’t you!