Are puppies too much work. Absolutely!

Are puppies too much work.  Absolutely!

However many times it takes the pup to “get it” with that ordeal of potty training…when the pup finally does get it…and they will with your diligence and gentle prodding and praising…just think…the rest of the pups life you can congratulate yourself with that accomplishment…well, my dog learned that in less than???..etc.

However many times it takes for the pup to understand those common commands, sit – stay – wait – ly down etc…just think…the rest of the pups life you get to congratulate yourself…

Ok, ok, not to be too repetitious here…can we change the word WORK into rewards?
People need “treats” too.

When your pup rewards you with the accomplishment of the lessons learned…puff your chest and allow yourself to feel the “job well done” a title bestowed upon yourself.

Oh, there’s so much more “work” involved tho.  The medicine cabinet…not yours..the pups.  What, you say?
Yes, of course, you have to prepare for the worst.  Doggie bandages and wraps.  Diarrhea or constipation remedies,  lethargic episodes, throwing up episodes, ….keep thinking…what else can go wrong?   Get it ready now and be prepared for the “if and when” scenario should that ever occur.  Reward yourself with the feeling of “being prepared”.

Now that was a lot of work, wasn’t it?

Food, Toys, Water, Treats, Toys, Crate, Bedding, Puffy Pillows,  Toys,  Rawhide more Toys.
Keeping those supplies at hand requires a lot of work!  Ah, the rewards…your pups welfare?

Brushing, Combing, Clipping toe nails, cleaning eyes and ears, cleaning butts, cleaning the paws coming in from outside, cleaning up poop…day out…repeat again the next day….now that’s a lot of work…for the reward of a healthy well-groomed pup!

Getting down and dirty or down and silly with the pup…this is especially strenuous…the exercise of stretching all those muscles….we’re talking about your bones here…your reward?  The bond of love your new companion offers …even after you got angry….you still get to have that lick and the snuggle!

Were we talking about a puppie being a lot of work?   Absolutely!


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