Mini, Drummer, Cody and Tramp are coming for a visit!

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Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited, my sister and her husband have arrived from Wisconsin to stay with me and help out for a couple months!

Dianne and Denny have four of my pups!  Mini, Drummer, Cody, and Tramp!

You can benefit from their visit as well!

Dianne does the portraits that are posted on my site in the showcase. She can be commissioned for your puppie portrait also.  Just call me and we can set it up for you.  Charges are on a puppie by puppie basis and Dianne will go over details with you.

My brother-in-law Denny is a wood carver. He may also be commissioned to do a carving of your puppie in a scene, etc.   He too will go over details with you.

Links to their websites are shown below.

Cedar Stump Carving: