More on Patience, Care, and Compassion…

Pricing these angels is a difficult task. They are worth so far much more than I price them at. However, understanding the pups need to progress onto their new lives early is a great reason for my low prices….so that you can afford to begin your life with your chosen Shih Tzu Angel as early as possible. Asking me to drop my prices is not an option. Also, Please know that I choose NEVER to sell my puppies to pet shops, puppy mills or brokers!

During the day the pups experience lots of love and handled frequently. Socializing begins early and each pup gets lots of care and attention and holding. Training begins as early as sometimes two and a half weeks and some not till three weeks. Literally, each litter is different.Potty towels are cleaned several times a day, placed in the larger crates from the git-go and even mamas help me with the potty towel training. They push their babies onto the towels to go potty on them rather than their bedding. By the time you get them at eight weeks old they are very used to their potty towels. Some breeders newspapers and are taking a risk with intestinal infections and other illnesses caused by the sitting wet pee and poo.

Compassion for their tiny worlds thru their perspective is key to helping each angel progress happily and playfully into life.

I consider each litter as my babies and I love cooing them, telling them stories and fairy tales.  Very early on I get the tilt of their heads as they look at me…they must be saying…” well if you say so”…they are definitely treated as family. I sit with them in my lap, on my shoulders, around my neck, on my chest and let the bonding begin. I am extremely devoted to these angels.

I can only tell you Shih Tzu are…The best Love that money can buy!
Most often there is always three in my lap at a time.Hugging them is what I love most.
I am dedicated to producing a higher standard in Shih Tzu.  Beautiful conformation, temperaments and; outstanding health.
My Shih Tzu are as smart as they are beautiful.They are eager to learn and oh so willing to please you.  They’ll give you a comedy act every day.
I often have a variety of sizes and colors.Each comes with registration papers, 1st set of shots, health certificate with one year guarantee….and me available to you for all the questions you want to ask.
Patience: Taking pictures for you to enjoy these playful huggable pups is an art in itself, exasperation best describes my trying times to get those wonderful poses, in between cleaning up the poop right in the middle of the click of the camera and there I go grasping my patience level to the next degree…all in the name of loving Shih Tzu. Patience is also exemplified, it seems, like a thousand times a day, obviously rhetorically speaking, when my poop patrol begins…why don’t I just say it never ends.
Care: “What did you do?  “Drop that!”     “Come,  I said Come…now”!!   “Hey, no arf”!   “Did you hear me?”    “Look at that, who did that”?    “I said that was No…NO”!   ……………..
Who’s mama’s angels?    Come here give mama some lovin,   Let’s walk,  Who wants a treat,  Come sit with Mama,  Mama loves her angels…let’s play with the ball….     Come here and let mama see your ears…ok whose turn is it now?   Let’s go back.
Let’s get in our crates…and so the days repeat themselves with COMPASSION …CARE…AND SO MUCH PATIENCE!