Mar 222017
Sparky and Kika

Kika and Sparky, my soulmates, photos from 7 weeks old to today. Love my Shih Tzu. For better or worse, they are alway with me.
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Mar 212017
Does your stress become your canines stress?

Does your Stress become your Canine companions stress?

Stress! Changes! How does a dog deal with our life situations! Actually that yellow stuff – I call it bile -usually shows itself when your dog gets stressed or worried about their owners wellbeing.

Sometimes our actions can be be pretty hard on our Canine companions. If you hurt, they’ll hurt with you. And quite often they’ll cry with you too. You won’t hear the boohoohoo but you’ll see the glisten of tears wetting their hair around their eyes.

Contrary to some beliefs, yes, dogs do show emotions. Outward signs are there if you’ll just pay closer attention to your Canine partner. The yellow bile is expelled when the dog is momentarily overwhelmed with the stress or changes your lifestyle is going thru.

Be happy, your dog is showing deep care about you. Try to relax and tone down the drama as best you can. When the going gets tough, get your Canine companion as close to you as you can, and give them some wonderful hugs they need you as well as you need them! These angels can teach us all quite a lot about unwinding and living in the moment and taking deep breaths and trusting.

Oh and by the way, when your dog does that…don’t worry, they’re just expressing their own anxiety, depression and or compassion.

More on puppy and adult Canine stress.

Mar 152017

Jannie’s Tips

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Mar 102017

More FAQ’s

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Mar 092017

Puppie teeth sometimes come in at about five months of age. Your new puppy not eating? Some, not all…but definitely more often than not, ShihTzu Puppies won’t get a full set of front teeth till they are five months old…especially Shih Tzu that are on the smaller side. I’ve often gotten that call that my [Read More …]

Mar 082017
<strong>How their names are chosen</strong>

How their names are chosen.

When the puppy’s are born, we have to call them Something!
Since their personalities are apparent almost right away, we give them their temporary name, until their new owners find the correct choice.
These Ace of Pups names are a starting point and we use which ever one seems to fit the pup.

Ace – an ace card

Aliante – (pronounced Al-e-on-tay) Aliante Resort & Casino in North LasVegas

Amber – Amber Casino-Barbados

Ante – Players have to put money up before betting can begin

Aruba – Aruba Casino – Aruba

Bear – a tight player

Bella – Bellagio Casino

Brandy – The Brandy Casino is located in Barbados_She is the color of BrandyThis is my 1st Star keeper.

Bullet – an ace, a chip

Bump – a raise

Bunny – the Bunnywalk Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey (a term used for Hugh Heffners owned Casino’s.)

Button – the disc next to the dealer of turn

Callie – Excalibur Casino

Carlo – Monte Carlo Casino

Cesar – Cesar’s Palace Casino

Check – You pass on betting this round

Cherry –  Cherry On Line Casino

Crystal – Crystal Casino – Las Vegas

Dame – a queen

Deuce – you have a 2 card

Dice – items with dots to play cards

Dolly – a ten and a 2 in your hand is known as a Texas Dolly

Drummer – a tight player

Duck – a deuce

Duke – a hand of cards

Five – a 5 card

Flash – to expose your cards

Flop – the fourth card in Texas Holdem

Four – a four card

Heinz – you have a 5 and a 7 in your hand

Hilton – Paris Hilton Casino

Holly – Hollywood Casino

Hook – a jack

Jinx – bad luck

King – best face card

King Kong – a pair of Kings in your hand

Kojak – a King and a Jack

Lady – a queen

Lola –  show girl at the Casino

Lucky – when you win

Major – a straight or better

Mandy – Mandolay Casino

Maverick – you have a Queen & a Jack in your hand

Minnie – a low hand

Monte – Monte Carlo Casino

Pair – 2 of a kind

Paris – Paris Hilton Casino

Pepper – the Peppermill Casino in Reno Nevada

Pips – the marks on the cards

Pixie – a low hand

Player – one who plays cards

Primadonna – Primadonna Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Razz – Seven card stud poker

Rio – Rio Grand Casino

Sahara – Sahara Casino in Las Vegas

Scoop – to win both high &low half of the pot

Sierra – Grand Sierra Casino

Silver Nugget – Silver Nugget Casino in Las Vegas

Sky – no limit on raises &bets

Spike – an ace or raise the bet

Ten – a 10 card

Tiger – a low hand

Trinket – The charm next to the players chips

Trio – 3 sets of 3 of a kind

Trip – 3 of a kind

Trump – Trump card or Trump Casino

Vegas – Where the Casino’s are